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Jack London

Jack London

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Jack London

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  1. Jack London

  2. Birth&Death • Jack was born January 12th 1876 in San Francisco, California • He is believed to have comited suicide on September 22nd 1916 because of alcoholism, multiple health problems, and financial trouble

  3. Work • The Cruise of the Dazzler (1902) • A Daughter of the Snows (1902) • The Call of the Wild (1903) • The Kempton-Wace Letters (1903) • The Sea-Wolf (1904) • The Game (1905) • White Fang (1906) • The Iron Heel (1908) • Martin Eden (1909) • Burning Daylight (1910) • Adventure (1911)

  4. Awards • The Call of the Wild received the Newberry award in 1931

  5. White Fang

  6. Characters • White Fang - White Fang is the main character. His mother was half wolf and half dog, and his dad was complete wolf. He is raised in the wild by his mother Kiche, but becomes more and more of a dog after him and his mother go to an Indian camp, and start being raised by humans. He is very strong, but other dogs are mean to him so he turns into a fighting dog, but he changes and becomes kind after he is loved by his new master Scott. • Lip-lip - Lip-lip is another dog in the Indian village that turns all the other dogs against White Fang. • Henry - He is mushes with Bill. He tries to escape the wolves, but is saved only by luck. • Bill - He is much quicker acting than Henry, and this causes him to be eaten by the wolves, after he wastes all of the bullets in his gun. • Kiche - Kiche is White Fang's mother, in the story she is mainly called she wolf. She is half wolf and half dog, and escaped from an Indian camp during a famine. • One Eye - One Eye is White Fang's father. He is completely wolf and kills other wolves to mate with Kiche. • Gray Beaver - Gray Beaver is White Fang's first master. He shows no affection for the dog, but finally starts bonding with him, and then he gets drunk and sells White Fang. • Mit-sah - Gray Beaver's son, he runs some dogs on a sled including White Fang. • Beauty Smith - Beauty Smith trains White Fang and makes him into a fighting dog. • Weedon Scott - Scott saves White Fang from a fight that he would have lost and trains him until they both become familiar with each other. • Matt - Matt is Scott's musher; he feeds White Fang and trains him on the sled • Judge Scott - He is Scott’s dad and gets saved by White Fang. • Jim Hall – Falsely accused by Judge Scott and escapes from prison and tries to get back at Judge Scott only to be attacked by White Fang.

  7. Setting • The book is set in the northern regions above California and part of the book is in California.

  8. Summary • The beginning of this book starts out with two men, Henry and Bill, sledding and they get stranded because their dogs are tricked by a she wolf, Kiche, and are eaten by the pack of wolves. Then the wolves come after Henry and Bill, and Bill has their only weapon, a gun and wastes all of the ammunition by chasing the wolves then gets killed. Henry uses his intelligence and ends up surviving after he is found by a group of men. Then the she wolf mates with another wolf, one eye, and has a litter of pups, but only one survives. • Then Kiche takes White Fang to the Indian Village where she was raised, and her master, Gray Beaver, catches her and White Fang. He then sells Kiche and keeps White fang. White Fang is attacked by all of the other dogs in the village and becomes very vicious. Then Gray Beaver goes to a trading post and trades White Fang to Beauty Smith for whiskey. Beauty Smith raises White Fang and trains him to fight other dogs. Then in one fight White Fang meets his match against a bull dog and is saved by Weedon Scott. Scott trains him to be a good dog and takes him to California, where he saves Scott’s dad from a criminal that is after him. Then he mates with Scott’s other dog named Collie and they have puppies.

  9. Call of the Wild

  10. Characters • Buck - A powerful dog, half St. Bernard and half sheepdog, who is stolen from California and sold as a sled dog in the Arctic. Buck changes from a pampered pet into a fierce animal, able to hold his own in the cruel world of the North. • Spitz - Buck’s archrival and the original leader of Francois’s dog team. Spitz is a “devil-dog,” , who is used to fighting with other dogs and winning. He meets his match in Buck, who is as strong as Spitz and is more intelligent. Spitz is an amoral being who fights for survival with all of his being, regardless of who he hurts. • Francois - A French man who buys Buck and adds him to his team. Francois is an experienced man, used to life in the North, and he impresses Buck with his fairness and good sense. • Perrault - A French Canadian who, with Francois, turns Buck into a sled dog for the Canadian government. Both Perrault and Francois speak in heavily accented English, which London distinguishes from the rest of the novel’s dialogue. • John Thornton - Buck’s final owner, a gold hunter experienced in the ways of the “Klondike”. Thornton saves Buck from death at the hands of Hal, and Buck rewards Thornton with loyalty. Thornton’s relationship to Buck is the ideal relationship, each watches the other’s back and is completely devoted to the other.

  11. It was a very short book but seemed a lot longer. For parts of the book it was very entertaining but during the parts that lacked action it seemed more like a chore to read than a pleasure.

  12. Setting • California • Klondike region of Canada • Alaska