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Adjunct Faculty Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Adjunct Faculty Orientation

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Adjunct Faculty Orientation

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  1. Adjunct Faculty Orientation Coordinated by: Karen Cherwony, Assoc. VP Eric Brunner, Manager Learning & Development, Human Resources Department

  2. Objectives • Share current and future University mission, vision, and strategic initiatives • Introduce relevant people, services, resources and policies related to: • Academic Affairs and Teaching • IT and Computers • Human Resources • Campus Safety • Detail our commitment to diversity and prevention of discrimination and harassment

  3. Introductions of Adjuncts • Name • Department • Classes You Teach • Years Working at Temple

  4. Welcome from the President

  5. President Hart’s 6 Strategic Initiatives • Expanding Access to Excellence • Nurturing Community Partnerships • Increasing Global Reach • Creating a Sustainable Future • Advancing Research and Innovation • Developing a Culture of Philanthropy

  6. Temple Today Temple University is the 28th largest university in the United States Temple is a Comprehensive Research University, which has more than36,000students,approximately 3,935 full timeemployees and 1,750 full time faculty and approximately 1,400 adjunct faculty. Temple is the 5th largest provider of professional education (law, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, and podiatric medicine) in the country and the largest provider of professional education in PA.

  7. Temple Today Temple University consists of: • 17 schools and colleges, including schools of Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Podiatry, and Dentistry, and a renowned Health Sciences Center with nearly 300 academic programs • 7 Pennsylvania campuses Main Campus Health Sciences Campus (HSC) Temple University Center City (TUCC) Temple University Ambler (TUA), PA Tyler School of Art   Elkins Park, PA Podiatric Campus Temple Harrisburg Temple also has campuses in Tokyo, Japan & Rome, Italy and educational programs in China, Israel, Greece, Great Britain and France

  8. Temple’s Senior Leadership • Ann Weaver Hart President • Lisa Staiano-Coico Provost, Sr. VP Academic Affairs • Edmond Notebaert Sr. Exec. VP Health Sciences • Anthony Wagner Sr. VP, CFO & Treasurer • Larry Lemanski Sr. VP Research & Strategic Initiatives • Stuart Sullivan Sr. VP Institutional Advancement • George Moore Sr. VP, University Counsel, Secretary • Kenneth Lawrence Sr. VP Government, Community and Public Affairs

  9. TLC Contact Information • Location: The TECH Center, Suite 1121101 Montgomery Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19122TU Zip: 286-09 • Website: • Email: • Phone: 215.204.8761

  10. Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs • Comprised of two departments: • Faculty Affairs: • Retention, tenure, and promotion; faculty recruitment and hiring; professional development opportunities; and more. • The Teaching and Learning Center: • Provides programs and resources designed to promote teaching methods that are consistent with the research on how people learn; • Provides opportunities for faculty and TAs to reflect on their work, and to share, and learn, from the experience and expertise of their colleagues.

  11. Adjunct Faculty Handbook • The adjunct faculty handbook is available online at: • The adjunct faculty policy is NOT available online as it is currently being revised

  12. Adjunct Faculty Handbook Highlights • The syllabus (policy #02.78.13) • Text Book • Cancelling class • Class Lists • Class attendance policy • Grade Inflation • Problem(s) with a student • Using Temple Technology

  13. Adjunct Faculty Handbook Highlights OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION • 5.8 Reporting Final Grades • 5.8.1 Incomplete Grades • 5.8.2 Changing Grades • 6 Teaching and Learning Resources • 12 Academic Calendar • Academic Policies (undergraduate): • Academic Policies (graduate)

  14. Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) Mission Statement • Promote the value and practice of excellent teaching to facilitate student learning and growth. • Provide programs and resources designed to promote teaching methods that are consistent with the research on how people learn. • Provide opportunities for faculty and TAs to reflect on their work, and to share and learn, from the experience and expertise of their colleagues. • Integrates scholarly research and student assessment into effective teaching and learning practices.

  15. TLC Staff Pamela Barnett Associate Vice Provost & Director Carol Philips Associate Director A. Baris Gunersel Assistant Director Mary Etienne Lead Administrative Specialist

  16. Complementing Teaching, Learning, & Technology Support Gail Gallo, Seminars & Training

  17. About Computer Services Academic Computer Services Administrative Computer Services Computer Business Services Computer Recycling Center Data Center/Enterprise Systems Information Security Technology Support Telecommunications

  18. Academic Computing Who we are • Service Desk • Information Services

  19. Acadmic Computing What we do • Provide 24/7 Learning & Technology Support • Deliver Collaborative Technologies • Support the Delivery of Face-to-Face Instruction We Listen to Your Technology Concerns to Offer & Provide Solutions

  20. The TECH CenterProviding 24/7 Learning and Services • Student Computer Center • Social Spaces & Collaboration • Service Desk • Faculty Instructional Support • Seminars & Training • Classroom Technology Support Largest Facility of Its Kind in the Nation

  21. The TECH Center Offering a collaborative friendly pathway . . . leading to . . .

  22. Social Spaces: A Place to Study & Relax Social Spaces

  23. Specialty Labs to Produce Music, Graphics, & Video Social Spaces

  24. Breakout Rooms for Collaboration & Study

  25. Digital Recording Booths For Vocal Narration & Podcasts

  26. Computer Labs with Over 600 PCs & MACS Social Spaces

  27. Technology Support Service Desk • Offering Technology Support by Professionals • 24/7 Walk-in, Call-in, E-mail, or Web chat support • PC Clinic • Statistical Software Support • Desktop Office Support • Virus Protection • Identity Management

  28. Faculty Support The Faculty Wing • Instructional Support Center (ISC) • Offering One-On-One Consultation by Instructional Designers • Online Teaching & Learning Materials • 24/7 Instruction & Classroom Interactivity • Instructional & Production Services • Faculty Presentation Rooms • Seminars & Training

  29. Instructional Support Center (ISC) Online Teaching & Learning Materials • Blackboard - Offering access to: • Turnitin • Scholar • e-Portfolios • Learning Objects: Blogs & Wikis, Search LX • Expo LX • Gallery • iTunes/Podcast • Instructional & Production Services

  30. Instructional Support Center (ISC) • 24/7 Instruction & Classroom Interactivity 24/7 • TUCapture • Acrobat Connect • TurningPoint • Horizon Wimba • Voice Tools • Live Classroom


  32. Faculty Wing • Faculty Presentation Room (111) • Breakout Room (107) • Faculty Lounge with E-mail Terminals

  33. Seminars and Training • Free Hands-On Seminars for Faculty, Students, and Staff of All Skill Levels • Blackboard • TurningPoint • Microsoft Office • Dreamweaver


  35. Classroom Technology Support • Smart Classrooms • Touch panel • Remote access and management (Meeting Manger) • NetOps School • Share screen with class • Monitor student activity • Prevent students from accessing Web sites • Remote control student screens


  37. Thank you! • Questions? •

  38. Temple University Pays byDirect Deposit Two Options for Banking on Temple Campuses • PNC Bank – offers many perks for Temple faculty • Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

  39. Health Benefits for Adjuncts • Specific eligibility requirements – letters have been mailed to eligible part time faculty • For further information on eligibility, plan features, etc. • visit the HR Benefits website: • Call 215-204-1321 and ask for Geri O’Kane or Renee Larson

  40. 200+ workout stations 314 meter indoor track large aerobics room martial arts room 4 racquetball courts outdoor multipurpose court locker rooms, support areas Independence Blue Cross and Campus Recreation

  41. Valid Temple ID $55/semester (Fall/Spring) $30 Summer Session I & II Pay at Bursar’s office or Campus Recreation main office, 102 McGonigle Hall Employee Access Fees for Usage of Recreation Services Term Payment Plan

  42. EMPLOYEE MANUAL • Policies and procedures apply to all faculty and staff (including student workers, temporary employees, TA’s & RA’s, Post Doctoral Fellows and volunteers) • Employees are required to learn procedures in manual and abide by them – all new faculty/staff sign form • The University may make changes periodically in the policies • The official copy of the manual can be found @ or

  43. 10.9 Expectations for Work Related Behavior All employees must conform to certain basic standards of behavior • Abide by all policies and procedures set forth in the Employee Manual and official Temple policies. • Meet established expectations of job performance. • Comply with attendance policies. • Meet stated standards of efficiency. • Respect the personal and property rights of Temple, other employees, students, patients, clients & visitors.

  44. 10.9 Expectations for Work Related Behavior • Follow University and departmental rules and policies including, harassment/discrimination/ retaliation policies, Conflict of Interest Policies, and NCAA policies. • Maintain a courteous and professional demeanor. • Engage in appropriate conduct in the performance of duties. • Support management’s goals and objectives. • Observe all safety policies, regulations & procedures. Rules of Conduct are a guide to violations of expected behavior

  45. Sections of the Employee Manual that Apply to You Some of the terms and conditions of your employment are detailed. Please make sure you read sections: 1.0 Introduction 2.0 About Temple University 3.4 Academic Personnel 4.1 Employment Applications and Other Forms 4.3 Accuracy of Personnel Information 4.5 Employment Eligibility 8.0 The Unforeseen Injury (Workers Compensation) 9.0 Your Paycheck and Expenses 13.0 University Standards 14.0 Employment Standards

  46. 13.0 Conflict of Interest • 13.5 Conflict of Interest – Employees • All employees are required to use good faith in all transactions involving their duties • Disclosure to chair of any potential conflict of interest. • 13.6 Gifts and Conflict of Interest • Disclose gifts > $50 (lunches, concerts, gift certificates, sporting events). • Special limitation on sponsorships of dept programs – prohibited if dept/unit has decision making authority over vendor selection/business relationship. • See University policy on Gifts and Conflict of Interest at

  47. 13.0 Conflict of Interest • 13.7 Conflict of Interest – Faculty • Must avoid any conflict or appearance of conflict in dealing with organizations or individuals having or seeking to have business relationships with the University. • Disclosure to chair and/or Dean

  48. 13.0 University Standards • 13.8 Drug Free Workplace • Everyone is responsible for ensuring that Temple is a drug-free, healthful, safe and secure work environment • 13.9 Drug & Alcohol Abuse • Use of unlawful drugs or abuse of lawful alcohol or drugs is prohibited • 13.10 Drug & Alcohol Testing • Pre-employment • Reasonable suspicion/after an accident • 13.11 Gambling in the Workplace • prohibited • 13.12 Political Activities • May not use position or university connection in any way • If elected, duties cannot interfere with work

  49. University Safety Standards • 13.14 Safety • Employees must follow all safety regulations promulgated by EHRS • Employees responsible for reviewing EHRS website • You can be Temple’s Safety Net • Civility on Campus– a practical guide and step-by-step process for dealing with incivility on campus or in the classroom. • Referral Guide for Faculty & Staff • Tuttleman Counseling Center & Care Team •