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So You Want To Be A Publisher PowerPoint Presentation
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So You Want To Be A Publisher

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So You Want To Be A Publisher

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So You Want To Be A Publisher

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  1. So You Want To Be A Publisher Blogging 101/Content Marketing By Cynthia Cotte Griffiths

  2. Should you blog? • Primary Audience: Who are you hoping to reach? • Purpose: What is your purpose for communicating? Identify the types of content that would be most useful to your audience. Focus on helping others with one topic per post so search engines find your info. • Content: “Content is king.” Good content makes a successful blog. The goal is to have readers recommend and share your posts. Study the other blogs and popular articles within your niche.

  3. Writing Style and Mechanics • Be personal. People prefer to do business with people they know. • What is your overall tone? • What are the most important words to your audience? • Are you using good grammar? • Is the content free of typos? • Is the length of the content appropriate? • Be sure to include a page describing the purpose of the blog and the people behind it. Readers need to know they can trust you as a source. What would your blog be like? Frequency: How often are you communicating? Set daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Add it to your “to do” list and calendar. Who: Who will be responsible? Who is writing? Who is best suited and who should edit?

  4. How Can You Reach The Most People? Design • The blog should be an extension of your brand, if you have a logo incorporate it. • Be creative with the header graphics or an image. • Make sure the posts are easy to read and list author, date, etc. • Make it easy to find content by using categories, tags, search box, Recent Posts, etc. • Set up social media such as Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn to extend the conversation and reach more people. • Install “share” buttons on each post to drive traffic. Measure Success • Set goals. • Determine if people are reading and visiting your website. • Add a stat counter or analytics program to see how many come to the blog and what they are reading. • Spend time on off-blog social channels and gauge results. • Create a system for feedback among those producing the blog to reinforce the content which is producing results. • Continually look at best practices.