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  1. WRITE BITES Early College Campus

  2. Character: The writer creates many persons, things, objects to be the center of their story. A good character in the story will be remembered by the reader as they accompany the journey the characters are playing. Main characters have a deeper role in the author’s story.

  3. The Evil Queen (Snow White)  One day when the queen asked her mirror: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who in this land is fairest of all? It answered: You, my queen, are fair; it is true. But Snow-White is a thousand times fairer than you. Click Link:

  4. Review : TIGER STEPS to Answer Questions • ANSWERthe QUESTION! • PROVE!! your Answer with a Quote. • EXPLAIN AND make meaningful CONNECTIONS to your Answer

  5. Brothers Grimm version The original Brothers Grimm fairy tale is mostly the same as the Disney one, with a few differences. In the first edition, though not the subsequent ones, the Queen was Snow White's mother, not stepmother. The Queen did not use a potion to change herself into a witch, but instead dressed in a disguise of an old woman. She tried three times to kill Snow White: once with a boned corset to crush her ribs, once with a poisoned brush/comb, and finally with a poisoned apple. Also, although the Queen did not die right after giving Snow White the poisoned apple, she was killed eventually. After Snow White and the Prince revealed her true nature, she was invited to their wedding, where she was forced to wear red-hot iron shoes and "dance until she dropped down dead." Read and Write your Response: STUDENTS READ THIS ALONE You will have 10 minutes to write 3-5 lines and make connections to text. SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN: by the Brothers Grimm version of 1812 (Germany, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm) QUESTION: How is the Evil Queen described in the paragraph? What is her intention with Snow White? Do you think there is a character Remember to explain and show to support your answer. Is the QUEEN going to make the story more creative for the reader?

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