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  1. WRITE BITES Early College Campus

  2. JUXTAPOSITIONPronunciation [juhk-stuh-puh-zish-uhn] Juxtaposition is an act or instance of positioning of two things close together side by side for comparison or contrast. Although, in contrast, the two objects are somehow related to one another either directly or indirectly. Juxtaposition may be view differently by different people. It exist in many forms such as paintings, music, literature, movies, etc.

  3. JUXTAPOSITION JUXTAPOSITION: McHungry! Not Loving It!!! There is people inside the restaurant eating, while there is a homeless person sitting outside who probably has not eaten in days. “Remember: Juxtaposition is an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, for comparison or contrast.

  4. Review : TIGER STEPS to Answer Questions • ANSWERthe QUESTION! • PROVE!! your Answer with a Quote. • EXPLAIN AND make meaningful CONNECTIONS to your Answer

  5. Read and Write your Response: You will have 10 minutes to write 3-5 lines and make connections to text. Read Passage from book « Beastly » by Alex Flinn: I saw a mirror on the lap of the Gothic girl, and I asked, ” What’s the mirror for?”. I found it weird for an ugly chick to be carrying around a big mirror. “Yeah really. We do judge people by looks around here. Someone like me…face it, I’m a lot better than average looking, and I have an easier time than…. well” “Me?” replied Kendra the Gothic girl. “Yeah my dad always says, you lose your looks, you lose your job.” Question: Do you see the juxtaposition in here? Is Beauty and the Beast a representation of juxtaposition? Is there contrast in this picture and in the passage? Explain your answer and make text connections by finding a quote.

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