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Marketing and Publicity PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing and Publicity

Marketing and Publicity

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Marketing and Publicity

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  1. Marketing and Publicity

  2. The arts are very unique • The arts are different from a manufacturer who usually creates a product that they try to sell to potential customers • Artists – their product is they create performances /workshops/ but they also need to try and sell it to the public

  3. Marketing • Persuading your target audience to see/buy your work • Increasing awareness about your company and its work in relation to other arts organisations • Increase awareness about your company and its work for funding bodies • Attracting business sponsorship for future projects

  4. Decide What do I have to sell? Who will want to buy it?

  5. Arts organisations work with small budgets and cannot afford to waste their resources • Therefore you really have to know all about your target market • Who and where will your target audience be found • Do you have any specific selling points you can exploit

  6. Product You must be able to describe your product in a clear and easily understood form

  7. Your project • Does the show/performance incorporate two or more art forms • How many weeks is the project • How much money do you need to raise from each performance/workshop • What makes your show/performance different from the work of other companies

  8. Marketing Strategy • Your marketing strategy needs to be developing alongside the development of the performance or project • Those involved in marketing and selling the product need to be involved from early in the work so they have a good understanding and are therefore better able to sell your performance /project/workshop etc

  9. Marketing Mix What methods will be best suited to your project Press releases Direct mailing Posters Flyers Special events Advertising Direct selling

  10. Posters -Flyers -Leaflets This depends on the type of project and will also need to be targeted • A play- touring theatre company you will need flyers / posters to advertise in the arts centres/theatres /community centres • Schools/ community /health projects you will need to produce a leaflet of information and mail it to your target group

  11. Price/Fee Ticket price ? Ticket concessions? (children students etc) Fee for a show ( e.g to schools/colleges etc ) Fee for a workshop Any special prices? -with reduced price for e.g. booking more thank one performance/workshops a performance and a workshop together

  12. Place • If it’s a touring play Make sure places, times and booking details are clear on the publicity If it’s for schools or an organisation – Running time of the programme performance / workshop performance and a workshop What space/s facilities you will need

  13. Advertising • Specific leaflet • Press release • Advert in a paper – magazine • What's on Guide • Web site • Face book /Twitter • Radio • TV • Business cards

  14. Press release • Specialist mailing aimed at journalists who may work in print or in broadcasting A good press release is: • Well written and attractively presented • Gives sufficient but not too much information • Times and dates –are very clear Contact information- who in the company can they contact and how

  15. Elements a journalist will always ask forwhen preparing a story Who What Where When Why How

  16. Adding to the press release • You can give more detail about your past work where you will be on tour next etc But • An editor will cut from the bottom so make sure you have all the key facts first

  17. Example LISTING INFORMATION Prime Theatre Presents ‘Do You Turn Somersaults?’ VENUE:  The Courtyard Theatre – Pitfield Street, London. N1 DATES:       Tuesday, 23 October to Saturday, 18 November 07 (except Monday’s) TIME:           8pm TICKETS:    £16 / £12 conc. VENUE BOX OFFICE:     0870 163 0717                           

  18. What sells the best • Attractive but very appropriate publicity ( Layout and design - Right images – good readable type face) • Word of mouth • Good networking is very important • As you develop your work/company – keep a data base of interested clients /contacts for future mail outs -emailing

  19. Critical commentary • Remember its about publicity and marketing in general so needs to cover all the key issues and a broad range of strategies. • It is however useful to include some well chosen examples to illustrate specific points – eg a web site – flyer – information leaflet –….etc and comment on why it’s a good example