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Feeling EUROPE Foundation ________________________________________ desk for European values and affairs. knowledge & learnings. on the origin. role & position. publicity. impressions. ON THE ORIGIN (1/3). Changing moral values, norms and capacities

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  1. Feeling EUROPEFoundation________________________________________desk for European values and affairs knowledge & learnings on the origin role & position publicity impressions

  2. ON THE ORIGIN(1/3) Changing moral values, norms and capacities round about the millenium brought me in 2004 into touch with the Dutch government’s notion to bring this challenge to the notice of the public through the International conference ‘Europe, a Beautiful Idea?’, organized by the NEXUS Institute

  3. ON THE ORIGIN(2/3) During the conference, the invitation was received to participate in the follow-up conference ‘The Sound of Europe’, organized in 2006 by the Austrian government

  4. ON THE ORIGIN(3/3) Both experiences were so impressive that it triggered the energy: • to share European values and affairs to let see and envision the feeling, meaning and value to the idea of Europe • to establishFeeling EUROPEFoundation

  5. ROLE & POSITION participates in conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars, symposia takes position as nexus between citizens, institutions, Europe, and departments of learning, science and art fosters and guides the values and affairs todo prosperity and well-being good does research work delivers resonance works on a Europe with freedoms, standing for a liberal democracy in connection with a social market economy under a system of as conveniently as possible capitalism acts as an independent observer

  6. Formal and informal settings, autodidactism, instruction, guidance from experts and community, as well as the opportunity to participate (summit) events. Knowledge about functioning of the EU, international politics, music history, history of art (colloquium) and getting acquainted with philosophy was taken in conventional manners. Furthermore, the following centres are engaged: NEXUS Institute in relation to art, culture, philosophy; CEPS (Center for European Policy Studies), EBN (European Movement Netherlands) and NGIZ (Netherlands Society for International Affairs) concerning (European) policies; KVS (Royal Society for Political Economy) and SMO (Society & Enterprise Foundation) due to economics; the Aspen Institute for insights into thoughts and beliefs all the way across the Atlantic ocean. Since 1 April 2011, the desk is associate member Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Leiden University, Campus The Hague (LUC TH), Netherlands KNOWLEDGE & LEARNINGS

  7. PUBLICITY • website (www.feelingeurope.eu) • lectures, presentations • lustrum promotional products • actions (stickers, flyers) • through network • newspaper

  8. IMPRESSIONS ‘WE MUST CONTINUE TO COMMIT MAINTENANCE’ Best regards, Feeling EUROPEFoundation, established at Wassenaar 5-12-2007, Commercial Register The Hague number 27308610

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