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Publicity Committee

Publicity Committee

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Publicity Committee

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  1. Publicity Committee Redefining Advertising on Campus Presented by: Ronen Peled Chris La Pilusa

  2. Current Advertising Methods • Media Organizations • WCPR (now playing in Pierce) • SITTV • Bowling Alley • Babbio Center Monitor • Stute • Manual Advertisements • Posters (Policy Explained Later) • Electronic • WebEvents Calendar • Student Life Newsletter (Graphical SLN) • RSO Announce NO MORE.

  3. Items Needed for Submission 1. RSO Logo (One-time Submission) 2. PowerPoint Slide of Event 3. Event description filled out on SGA Publicity Committee Submission Form ( 4. Make sure submissions are done within a week of event, otherwise publicity channels with deadlines might not be able to be targeted All e-mailed to

  4. Publicity Committee Submission Days Sundays- Babbio Monitor, Bowling Alley, SITTV, WCPR, WebEvents (sent to calendar) Mondays, Thursdays – Graphical Student Life Newsletter Deadline for all submission of materials is Sunday, after Senate meeting, but earlier submission is encouraged. Earlier submissions = MORE PUBLICITY TIME = EVERYBODY HAPPY!!!!

  5. WCPR Now playing in the Pierce Dining Hall! E-mail to schedule a time and date to record an ad in the studio If you can’t come to the studio, send an MP3 file of your pre-recorded ad to Ads for upcoming events should be made at least two weeks before the event to be effective Any questions, e-mail

  6. Graphical SLN If your event is happening the week of, your event will get on to the SLN. Due to large size of SLN, we prefer not to put out all events at once that we have on file that happen in a while from now Incorporation of Department Events also adds to the SLN size, so we have to cut out stuff that happens far in advance CLUB LOGO by default goes with your event. If another graphic is requested, send it to us!!

  7. STUTE Stute provides a layout of the upcoming week’s events based on WebEvents Calendar WebEvents is immediately updated so early submission by at least two weeks is desired Custom Ads- E-mail and adhere to Stute submission policy. PDF file located on Sending of Custom Ads is no guarantee for placement, it all depends on layout constraints.

  8. Poster Policy • All posters are for free (COLOR or BLACK and White) until otherwise specified. Specify PAPER COLOR, PAPER SIZE, # COPIES, DELIVERY LOCATION for EACH poster. • WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS!! • We take care of STAMPING your poster. • Poster MUST have CONTACT E-mail Address. • We take care of DELIVERING your poster. • YOU take care of POSTERING CAMPUS!!!

  9. Event Duplication of Materials Does your organization need pamphlets for an event? Does your organization need tickets to be printed for an event? Does your organization need special posters? Work with Publicity Committee to get the best service and pricing.

  10. Review of Items of Submission Template Submission Form One-time submission of CLUB LOGO Powerpoint Slide Flyer for event/s Tickets or pamphlets, etc accompanying an event

  11. TOUR OF WEBSPACE Tour of Publicity Committee Submission Form Tour of Sample Submission to Babbio Monitor Tour of RSO Logo Storage Space Tour of Event Submission Sheet

  12. Questions?Suggestions?