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  1. Tactics Tactics (Game Plan) Competitors hope to make the most of their own strengths whilst exploiting the weaknesses of the opposition to win. Tactics are used both in team and individual activities. And they can be adapted during the course of a competitive situation.

  2. Tactics in a Team Game • Teams can use a variety of formations to utilise your teams strengths and exploit your opponents weaknesses.Tactics are you used both in attack and in defence. Lets look at basketball: • Formations: 122, 131 (Attacking tactics) • Defensive Tactics: Man to Man defence & Zone

  3. Tactics in a Individual Game It is important to realise that tactics are used in individual games. What tactic would you use in the following scenario? • Badminton: Opponent’s weakness is backhand • 1500m: Opponent’s strength is their sprint finish

  4. Principles of Play In competitive team games strategies and tactics can be improved by applying principles of play. Width in attack players spread out across the area in order to pull defenders out and create space to play through the middle. Depth in attack players spread out up and down the area in order to pull defenders out of position and create passing options and support for each other. Delay in defence a player puts pressure on the ball carrier to slow down their play. This provides more time for their team-mates to get organised. Depth in defence a second defender moves behind the defender who is pressuring the ball to support them if they're beaten.

  5. Tactics: TASKS • Give the definition of a tactic? • Name an individual activity, what tactic did you use to try and win? • Name a team activity, what tactic did you use to try and win? • Name an individual activity, what skills are needed in this activity for your tactics to be effective? • Name a team activity, what skills are needed in this activity for your tactics to be effective? • Why would you consider changing your tactics during the course of a competitive situation? Once you have completed the questions. Take a double page of your jotter and put TACTICS in the centre. Now draw a mind map with everything you know about Tactics.

  6. TACTICS: Physical Qualities To fulfil a particular role in an activity, we require different qualities. Physical qualities can dictate the role we take. E.g. • A goal-shooter in netball needs height. • A prop forward in rugby needs strength. • To perform successfully in gymnastics you need flexibility. • Many sports require a level of skill. Choose two team and two individual activities. Explain what physical qualities you need to do well in that activity?

  7. Physical Qualities: Body Shape Many activities have their own characteristic body shape. In other words certain body shapes are suited to specific activities. ENDOMORPH MESOMORPH ECTOMORPH

  8. Draw a table with three columns. Put the following headings in the top of each column; MESOMORPH, ENDOMORPH & ECTOMORPH. Look closely at the following performers. Place each one on the table.

  9. TACTICS: Personal Qualities Personal qualities may also have an affect on the roles we take. They relate to our character and how we treat other people. E.g. • Team members need to be able to co-operate with others to make tactics work. • Some individuals are highly motivated. • Depending on the situation, a player may be chosen for their ability to concentrate under pressure. Think of a team you know that don’t have the best players but seem to do well. Why is this the case?

  10. POINTS TO REMEMBER • Tactics will depend on your skill level, strengths and weaknesses (physical & personal) • Tactics will depend on your opponents strengths and weaknesses • Tactics will adapt and change depending on the situation, i.e. defending a lead. • Realise specific positions needs specificqualities for tactics to be effective • Tactics will be used in defence and attack • TACTICS ARE DEPENDANT ON THE SKILL LEVEL AVAILABLE