commas commas commas n.
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Commas, Commas, commas PowerPoint Presentation
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Commas, Commas, commas

Commas, Commas, commas

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Commas, Commas, commas

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  1. Commas, Commas, commas The boy worked his paper route, cleaned his room, and walked to school by 8:00 a.m. (Commas separating items in a series) Before the university closed, they somehow managed to clean each building. (A comma used to set off an introductory clause)

  2. There are several Comma Rules to remember: Rule 1: Commas are used to separate words, phrases, or clauses in a series. I brought sandwiches, salad, chips, pop, and ice cream for the trip. (words) Reba walked to the store, to the bank, and to the beauty shop. (phrases) The players bowed their heads, prayed a prayer, put on their helmets, and played one heck of a game! (clauses) Rule 2: Commas are used to separate introductory words , phrases, or clauses. Ouch, that hurts! (words) After the sun sets, be sure to water the flowers. (phrases) Before you leave the house today, be sure to call me. (clauses)

  3. Rule 3: Commas are used to separate adjectives that modify the same noun. The red, pulsating, ball drew my attention. Jared is a kind, considerate person. Rule 4: Commas are used along with coordinating conjunctions and transitional expressions to join Independent Clauses. The county fair begins in a week, so be sure to save your money. The county fair begins in a week; therefore, be sure to save your money. Rule 5: Commas are used to set off direct addresses. Tammy, are you coming with me? Are you coming with me, Tammy? Are you, Tammy, coming with me?