introducing a d metro and ultra n.
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Introducing A D Metro and ULTRA PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing A D Metro and ULTRA

Introducing A D Metro and ULTRA

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Introducing A D Metro and ULTRA

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  1. Introducing A D Metro and ULTRA January 2007

  2. A D Metro – Company Highlights • Touch Screen Sensor Manufacturer • Innovative engineering and custom touch screen solutions • Private company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada • Established in 1993 History – POS reseller, touch screens, curved CRT touch manufacturer, flat resistive and capacitive, armored resistive • Over 100,000 sensors deployed world wide

  3. A D Metro - Facilities • Ottawa Headquarters: • Standard 5-wire and ULTRA sensor production • Custom sensor development • Operations, Sales and Marketing • 5000 sq/ft • Offices/conference room • Production area • Machine area • Warehouse, shipping and receiving • Two OEM’s that are licensed to produce ULTRA sensors • Asian contract manufacturer • 4/8-wire sensors production

  4. A D Metro - Facilities

  5. A D Metro - Products • Touch Sensors • Resistive • ULTRA – armored resistive • AbsoluteULTRA and UltimateULTRA • 4/5/8-wire regular resistive • Custom configurations • Capacitive • 10.4” to 19.1” with/without rear ITO back shield • Touch Controllers • USB, RS232, PS/2 • Driver support for Windows, Linux, Mac

  6. A D Metro – Key Partnerships • Manufacturing Strategy: To develop key partnerships with leading touch industry suppliers • Optera, Holland, Michigan, USA • ITO and silver fired base glass supplier • Capacitive sensor production - built to A D Metro design and specifications • EETI, Taiwan • Touch controller manufacturer • --------, Taiwan • 4/8-wire sensor manufacturer

  7. Why ULTRA? The Problem: • Resistive type technology is too fragile • Capacitive type technology too complicated and expensive • Infra-red, SAW, etc. too unreliable in harsh environments The Requirement: A sensor with the durability of Capacitive and the simplicity of Resistive that is reliable and inexpensive to manufacture The Solution: ULTRA!

  8. Resistive based touch sensor with highly durable glass outer surface Ultra-thin borosilicate glass/polyester lamination provides 6.5 Mohs flexible glass top sheet that is incredibly strong and resistive to scratching, chemical solvents, dirt, water, flames, etc. Available 100 gloss anti-glare or clear versions available Pressure activated technology that provides tactile sense Utilizes standard 4 or 5-wire controllers Can be applied from small to large format touch screens Internal surface anti-Newton Ring type A/G coating What is ULTRA?

  9. Key Innovation • Advanced material engineering • O.1mm borosilicate glass laminated to .7mm ITO coated polyester in an optically perfect fashion • Patent protected bonding process that overcomes the difficulties of different coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction • Result is a flexible membrane for use in a resistive touch sensor that is incredibly tough and impervious to moisture, chemicals and the elements

  10. Benefits of ULTRA • Abrasion and scratch resistant • Impervious to chemicals, solvents, flame, etc. • Provides a complete moisture barrier – ideal for very humid environments. Over time, moisture will permeate the polyester in a conventional resistive sensor • Top-sheet does not shatter and continues to operate even after extreme abuse such as deep scoring, repeated hammer blows and other vandalism • Contributes to public safety and reduces liability by keeping broken display or substrate glass behind the outer membrane • Maintains all typical benefits of resistive technology; glove or stylus activation, good EMI/EMF profile, simple/inexpensive controllers, tactile feedback, accurate, cost effective • Eliminates “pillowing” effective common to regular resistive sensors • The slightly stiffer membrane significantly extends the operational life of 4 and 5-wire sensors by reducing fracturing of the ITO coated polyester, which is the most common failure for standard resistive sensors

  11. When to use ULTRA? • Ideal for harsh environments: • Industrial automation and shop floor displays • High traffic or vandal prone public kiosks • Military • In-vehicle displays • EMI sensitive applications • Hand held field devices • Gaming consoles and machines • Just those difficult to solve problems • Any capacitive or NFI application • Any resistive application where field maintenance is an issue ULTRA with enhanced substrate

  12. ROI Considerations • Significant reduction in replacement and field maintenance costs • Compatible with standard 5-wire controllers and controller chips-sets. Much less costly than capacitive electronics • No retraining of field technicians required on new technology • When used with A D Metro drivers; capacitive, regular resistive and ULTRA sensors are interchangeable – reducing logistic, support and maintenance costs

  13. ULTRA Options For improved impact resistance, ULTRA is offered with re-enforced substrates – additional glass or polycarbonate panels are optically bonded to rear of standard ULTRA sensors. • UltimateULTRA • Various thickness tempered or chemically strengthened glass • AbsoluteULTRA • Lamination of 12mm polycarbonate backplane • Suitable for use in explosion proof rated equipment Custom • sizes up to 23” • NRE and minimum order required ULTRA Conversion Program • ULTRA lamination can be applied to finished polyester sensors • Enables conversion of existing spec’d product to ULTRA • 4 and 8-wire conversions

  14. ULTRA Option cont. • EMI Shielding • Rear surface ITO coating, 100, 20 Ohm/sq/in • 4 or 8 Ohm/sq/in conductive film • <2 Ohm/sq/in micro mesh window • IR, Privacy and other film laminations • 8/4-Wire sensors utilizing anti-reflective polyester and rear surface treatments reduce internal surface reflection • Enhances contrast and clarity for sunlight and bright overhead light applications

  15. Custom Sensor Development • ULTRA sensors are ideally suited to difficult to solve touch applications that often require customization and low volume production. • Laminating enhanced glass or polycarbonate backplanes to increase impact resistance • Providing various ITO coatings or mesh laminations for RFI/EMI shielding, including sensors for MIL-461 rated environments • Infra-red shielding to help reduce solar heating and protect LCD panels in outdoor locations • Specific optical configurations such as A/G, A/R, anti-Newton ring and others • Custom cable location and length

  16. ULTRA – 5-wire Production Specs

  17. ULTRA Specs, continued

  18. Also Available from A D Metro • Capacitive touch sensors • Standard sizes • Durable ceramic A/G coating, 6.5Mohs • Excellent transmissivity and clarity • Fully shielded cable with rear shield ITO available • Ideal alternative source for any capacitive application or 3M replacement • Resistive and Capacitive touch Controllers • USB or RS232 • Wide platform driver support • Various cabling options • ROHS compliant

  19. Contact Info A D Metro 1181 Parisien Street Ottawa, Ontario Canada, K1B 4W4 Canada & USA: 1-800-463-2353 Telephone: 613-742-5545 Fax: 613-742-5245 Email: Web: