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  1. ROBOTS ROBOTS David Chung Mr. Vogt Writing Enrichment

  2. What IS a Robot? • “A mechanical device that sometimes resembles a human and is capable of performing a variety of often complex human tasks on command or by being programmed in advance.” • Any artificial being that’s able to perform various activities

  3. The Beginning • One of the first forms of robots were mentioned in Greek Mythology, where the Metal god Hephaestus created metal servants for himself.

  4. Medieval Times • Al Jazari, an Arab Muslim inventor, made programmable robots powered by water that were able to play music and move around, in about 1206

  5. Modern Times • Now we shall look at the positive sides and the negative sides of robots. VS

  6. Positive 1) Robotic Pets • Research shows that people like these robotic dogs (right), named AIBO’s, just as much as they like real dogs. • These AIBO’s are being provided for the lonely elderly in nursery homes. • People with fur allergies that want pet could use these as a replacement.

  7. Positive 2) Robotic Toys • Just like the robotic pets, robotic toys are highly popular among little kids all over the world.

  8. Positive 3) In the Army • The armies around the globe will use robots in wars instead of humans, allowing for decreased casualties. • Robot soldiers are more affordable, durable, and accurate than the average soldiers.

  9. Positive 4) Bionic Limbs • Bionic limbs made for people who have no arms or legs help them overcome those obstacles • These limbs, unlike prosthetic limbs, are able to receive brain signals and respond like your real body part

  10. Positive 5) Wash n’ Clean • For those who HATE cleaning, or those who can’t clean, there are robots made specifically for household cleaning, dusting, and vacuum cleaning.

  11. Positive 6) Precise Technology • Robots like The Da Vinci Surgical Robot (above) allows users to have precise measurements (in this case, surgeries).

  12. Negative 1) Unemployment • Continued use of Robots which don’t require salaries of any kind will cause unemployment in factories, gas stations, hospitals, etc.

  13. Negative 2) Misuse of Robots My robot mwahaha • The robots used in the military may be smuggled in by criminals or terrorists for bad purposes.

  14. Negative 3) Robots Takin’ over • Robots might get so intelligent, and take over

  15. Negative 4) Errors • Robots, like computers, are programmed to do their specific jobs. If they get viruses or they get programming errors they’ll break, perhaps causing harm to the users. • Ex) a coffee making robot may break and put dangerous fluid instead of water / milk.

  16. In conclusion… • There are a lot of positive and negative sides to robots • The negative sides of robots can easily be fixed • Ex) Unemployment: people could get new jobs such as engineers that check and fix the robots, or jobs that try to further improve the quality of the robots • Misuse of Robots: People can just improve the security of their robots, and also put identifying tools to those specific robots (fingerprints, eyeball thingy, etc.) • Errors / Viruses in Robots: Just like computers or pets, you can get them checked for problems

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