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iPod Touch video in the classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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iPod Touch video in the classroom

iPod Touch video in the classroom

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iPod Touch video in the classroom

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  1. iPod Touch video in the classroom Derek D’Angelo • Illinois Technology and Education Conference November2010

  2. In addition to an iPod Touch ($175-$360) you will need

  3. Composite AV Cable ($30-$40)

  4. Find the video you want to use in your classroom to help create a teachable moment. Step 1

  5. Go to a site with downloadable video such as YouTube.

  6. Search for a video you would like to use in your class.

  7. Download the video. Step 2

  8. Scroll down and click Share. Copy the URL which appears.

  9. Go to a site such as or similar.

  10. Paste the copied URL into Keepvid. Click Download.

  11. Click the Download MP4 version, which is ipod touch compatible.

  12. Click Save when prompted.

  13. Choose a location & name the file. Click Save.

  14. Alternative to keevid is Realplayer. Once installed, Realplayer will give you a popup option to download video.

  15. Realplayer downloads the .flv video to your computer. Click Convert All. The Converter opens. Click Start to convert to ipod format.

  16. Organize your videos in iTunes so you can be sure to have the correct videos with you! Step 3

  17. In iTunes, Click File and New Playlist Folder. Name the folder. For example, you could name the folder a subject you teach.

  18. In iTunes, Click File and New Playlist. Name the playlist. For example, you could name the playlist Chapter 1.

  19. Once your playlists have been created you can go into your Movie Library and drag and drop videos into the appropriate playlists.

  20. Connect iPod & Sync Playlist for current chapter being taught.

  21. TV Tuner cards ($75-$150)Allows watching & recording of TV on your computer.If you have a TV Tuner card you may likely need to convert the video recorded in Windows Media Center prior to being able to load the video into iTunes and sync to your iPod. I use a program called iPodifier, which converts and loads the video into iTunes.

  22. iPodifier