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The Amazing iPod Touch

The Amazing iPod Touch

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The Amazing iPod Touch

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  1. The Amazing iPod Touch Cindy Crannell and Renee Williams Elementary School IT Integrators American School of Dubai

  2. Todays Meet During our presentation, if you might have questions or comments: • Click on the link above • Join by putting in your name • Ask any questions or give comments

  3. Who are we? • Support and empower all stakeholders at our school in using technology • We both come from the Elementary classroom • Google Apps for Education • Mainly use mac computers • Web 2.0 tools

  4. American School of Dubai Mission Statement:The American School of Dubai, an independent, nonprofit organization, offers what is best about American education in order to provide an educational experience designed to promote the maximum potential of its students. The school will challenge and assist students to become intellectually adept, thoughtful and ethical contributors to a global society. • Located in Al Barsha • 1400 students K1-12 • US curriculum

  5. I&TL Integration at Technology and Library working together with the classroom teachers Integration is when the classroom teacher, in collaboration with the I&TL (computer and library) teachers, uses technology to introduce, reinforce, extend, enrich, assess and remediate student learning. The integration of technology with classroom content improves student achievement. Integration is an instructional practice that includes collaboration and deliberate planning—and requires a classroom teacher’s participation. When teachers use technology to support content-area instruction, they also follow best instructional practices for improving student achievement, their students are highly likely to become better readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and thinkers.

  6. The iPod Touch: A Bit of History • First iPod released Nov. 2001 • iPad was released on April 2010 • Not a lot of new material being published about the ipod touch in education since 2010 - but they are very intuitive. (Video)

  7. What we use iPod Touch - 8GB (iOS 5.1) • camera (still and video) • Apps • music • ebooks, audiobooks and podcasts • Safari web browse • email • Maps

  8. Why the iPod and not the iPad? • The iPod Touch the forgotten mobile device with endless possibilities • cost (199 USD vs. 499 USD for the iPad) • You already know how to use it • Size - is easier to capture media and it fits in your pocket!

  9. Ipod Touches @ ASD • In August of 2011, 80 ipod touches arrived • Now what? • Where to start?

  10. The Set up: Technical and Managing • unboxing, numbering system, barcoding for check out • charging, syncing, and wifi set up • itunes, purchasing of apps and updates • headphones, charging cords, protective covers

  11. Our philosophy while implementing 80 iPod touches • Find the teachers who "already know how to use it." • Create the need • Support the teachers who want to try and express interest • Keep it simple and the rest will follow • Find a app that supports the content that is already being taught • Be flexible and adapt along the way

  12. Who is using them and how? • Music teachers use with all students in every grade level • Arabic teachers- use with all students in every grade level • K1-K2 teachers - Math Curriculum (Shapes) • Grade 1 teacher - Capturing images of geometric shapes around campus • PE teachers-used with all students in every grade level (videotaping tennis swings, QR Codes)

  13. K1 and K2 ipod touch: Learning Shapes • All Apps on one 'page' • Worked in small groups with adult • Optional: headsets • A HIT!

  14. Arabic Teachers iPod touch: Arabic sounds and letters The Arabic Apps supported lesson objectives on practicing recognition and pronunciation of Arabic letters, sounds, and words. (see video)

  15. Music Teachers: Teaching Pitch and Sound • SinginFingers App: Students can create their own musical instruments and play • Metronome App (Free),Cleartune App for tuning • Recording music pieces and then listening to it for self assessment.

  16. PE Teachers 1. Video taping for skill critique 2. QR Codes

  17. So many App - How to choose? • Simply search the itunes store - high ratings • Links to teacher blogs and sites that recommend apps that they are using • Free apps vs paid apps Slideshow - 32 Ways to Use iPod Touches in the Classroom (Tom Barrett) Top Blog - Tony Vincent

  18. Some Recommended Apps Here is a Google document that the teachers and staff are collaborating on at ASD. It is a list of apps that we either recommend or are using currently at our school.

  19. QR Codes in Education • 'Quick Response' • a mobile readable barcode - think 'print based hypertext link" • Taking off in advertising - educational opportunities are being explored • Needs: mobile device with a camera (iphone, android, ipod touch, ipad, etc.) • internet access • QR code reader on device • no cost options

  20. Possible School Uses of QR Codes 1. Links to classroom, teacher, student webpages 2. Link to documents 3. Link to text messages 4. Bulletin Boards 5. Library books - authors pages, student reviews 6. Portfolio links 7. Scavenger Hunts - Generator 8. Link to voice 9. On homework sheets - classroom centers

  21. How to make a QR Code • Many free sites to generate codes -, for color • paste in URL, text, etc. • Print (different sizes) • Test out before use Think outside of the box!

  22. How to read a QR Code • Download reader iPod App • QR Reader for iPhone (free) • Scan 2. Hold steady in front of camera You will have time to play!

  23. Considerations before unrolling the iPod Touch at your school Infrastructure • bandwidth • Management System • Process to update, install apps, recharge, etc. • storage and security (home?) Academic • alignment to curriculum • training responsibilities (teachers, paras, students and parents) • assess effectiveness

  24. Challenges and limitations of iPod touch • Small screen can make it difficult for more than one student share • Print and image size • Needs small motor accuracy • How to categorize apps when using it with multiple classes • Time involved in maintaining iPods

  25. Time for you to explore Please do not change any of the settings or rearrange any of the icons. Thanks • Take a picture - send via email to yourself • Make a short video • Try out some of the apps • Scan the QR codes on the sheet. Where to they go? • Go into settings - see options • Check out Apps store

  26. How to Contact Us How to contact us: Cindy Crannell Twitter: @ccrannell Renee Williams Twitter: R Williams