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iPads/iPod Touch PowerPoint Presentation
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iPads/iPod Touch

iPads/iPod Touch

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iPads/iPod Touch

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  1. iPads/iPod Touch Put them in the hands of students and staff.

  2. COWs Computers on Wheels

  3. DOGs Devices on the Go

  4. iTunes Computer specific Login specific How to transfer content when a computer needs re-imaged Authorize and De-Authorize Computers How to separate personal and professional accounts on one device File sharing window (drag and drop/highlight & delete)

  5. First … Putting Devices in the Classroom • Set up iMac or MacBook for sync station with the latest version of iTunes (Note: You can use a PC but the only way to sync 20 at one time plugged into the cart is with an iMac or MacBook) • Create a clean local account & login on the iMac or MacBook • Download iPhone Configuration Utility on computer • Create the profile you desire to push out to the ipods/ipads • You can turn features on/off, disable built in features like youtube, populate wireless codes … etc. • Determine naming convention for your cart • Emsipodc1, emsipadc2 etc. (edwards middle school ipod cart 1) • Create a gmail email account and itunes account using this naming convention • Gmail considerations …

  6. Launch iTunes … Turn on Activation-only Mode on Mac OS X: Activate all iPods Make sure iTunes isn’t running and then open Terminal. • In Terminal, enter a command: • To turn activation-only mode on: defaults write StoreActivationMode -integer 1 • To turn activation-only mode off: defaults delete StoreActivationMode • Activate/Register all iPads/iPods (Note: this has to be done one device at a time you can not activate/register multiple devices at once) • Determine naming convention for the devices specific to that cart. Example: emcipodc1.1, emsipadc1.2 etc. • With all devices plugged in cart launch the configuration utility. Push out the ‘image’ to all the iPads/iPods

  7. Second … Putting Devices in the hands of Staff • Considerations • Sync Station (central vs. personal) • Email account to use • Apple ID Naming (common vs. specific) • Is personal use permissible? (AUP) • Determine Generic Naming Convention • Create gmail email account & Apple ID (w.o. credit card) • Register Device using ‘activation only’ in iTunes • Distribute devices • Send out email using iPhone Configuration Utility • Settings for email • Wireless settings • NOTE: these are meant to be personal devices which makes it really hard to manage. • 3rd party management tools

  8. Gmail Account Considerations FN: Brunswick LN: Schools Q: name of school district A: brunswick Password: 3643Center DOB: 3/4/63 Alternative email:

  9. iPhone Configuration Utility

  10. VPP … Volume Purchase Program

  11. Licensing Guidelines & Suggestions • Educational Licensing vs. Personal Licensing • One-to-One vs. One-to-Five • Contact the App Developer for details • How to use activation codes for carts/sync stations vs. Individuals/multiple sync stations

  12. How to ‘push out’ the Volume Purchased Apps • Research and know the Apps you wish to purchase using VPP • Purchase • Download Spreadsheet • Mail merge via email • Recipients open email on device … click on link and the App will begin loading on the device. (beware of the Barracuda!) MULTIPLE SYNC STATIONS • Give activation code and activate on sync station then simultaneously sync all ‘lab’ devices SINGLE SYNC STATION

  13. Sample Email • Greetings Mary Anne Melvin , • This email provides the links to download the APPS, NoteShelf and  MSecure.  Please follow the directions below to download NoteShelfand MSecure to your DEVICE (do not use your computer to download the Apps).  The APPS will be stored in your iTunes library when you sync your device with your district issued laptop.  •  OPEN the BARRACUDA on your iPAD.  • Using Safari go to or ... you will be prompted to enter your Barracuda bypass. After you enter your bypass or website will open.  Now you are ready to download the APP.  NOTE:  If you are at home step 1 & 2 are NOT necessary. • 2.  Go back to your email (using your iPad) and open the email, from me, with the download information. • 3.  Click on the Redemption Links provided.  • Redemption Link (noteshelf): • Redemption Link (msecure): • 4.  You will see a dialog box that holds the redemption code ... N77KMETN33H3 & …3TEL4FYK4P76 respectively.  Click 'Continue' • 5.  You should receive a message indicating that your APP is downloading … repeat steps 3 & 4 for the next download.  • Please let me know immediately if you encounter problems.  • Last week I sent the App iAnnotatePDF … here are some youtube video links.  They explain some of the features and how the App works.  (that was Brian Miller’s idea … thanks, Brian) • • • • This email will provide you with the App Noteshelf.  Noteshelf can keep multiple notebooks allowing you to keep ongoing notes in each notebook.  This is not the best video but it gives a general overview.  • • NOTE:  This App works using your fingertip however, it works best with a stylus.  If you purchase a stylus make sure that it can be used with the iPad.  It should have a soft tip.  • This email also contains the App MSECURE however, youtube did not have any useful videos for this App. 

  14. Changes and Cool Tricks • Screen Capture • Folders • Multi-Tasking • Close ‘Minimized Tasks’ • Using iTunes to manage documents/content • Mirror – using VGA or HDMI • Photobooth • iMovie • GarageBand • iBooks (PDF shelf)

  15. A quick Productivity App Review

  16. Apps Suggestions for Students OCALI WVIZ

  17. When a device breaks … How to Transfer Apps & Data to a new device &Maintain App Integrity with Personnel Changes • Complete a sync if the device is still ‘usable’ • Create a backup if the device is still ‘usable’ • Attach new device (or restored device) to the computer in which the broken device was synced … using iTunes • When prompted through iTunes choose sync using backup of ‘kathy’s iPad’

  18. Email … Calendar … Contacts • Exchange (gmail too!) • Device Locks • Accept appointments • Contact groups • Distribution lists