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HP EMEA Co-Marketing Services PowerPoint Presentation
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HP EMEA Co-Marketing Services

HP EMEA Co-Marketing Services

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HP EMEA Co-Marketing Services

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  1. HP EMEACo-Marketing Services

  2. Company OverviewOur Vision. Smart Vision. • Founded in 2007, we are independent communication agency that delivers marketing solutions for businesses and brands that seek to engage with audiences. • We accomplish this through intelligent, cost-efficient marketing, advertising, Public relations, event management and media buying, all under one roof. We find this 'together' approach is best for you and your business as it makes your customers happy, your message consistent and your budget work harder. • Size matters - smaller agencies are more nimble, can save client’s money and time.  Quick response. Direct correspondence with principals. Top-level service. And a sharp creative edge. These are the benefits of working with a small agency.

  3. Company OverviewWho we are? • Our people are: • Efficient • Devoted • Proactive • Experienced • Resourceful • Real Partners • Our success is primarily a result of how we are organized. Unlike many agencies, our model is built-for-purpose and focuses on an approach: • Think / Create / Engage / Optimize • These fields work together to result in a cohesive team capable of executing on any strategy to drive results. • We are based in Serbia, with contractors in Croatia and Slovenia, covering Adriatic countries

  4. Company OverviewWho we are working for? • We immerse ourselves into the client business to make sure we totally understand their products or services – so we can truly relate to their customers. Once we have that insight on board, we can advise on the most efficient and cost-effective strategic approach for meeting clients targets. • The key to our client service is our seamless integration of functional expertise with deep industry knowledge - on a global scale. • We not only meet client’s expectations, we exceed them. • We understand IT business and we are IT orientated agency with deep knowledge and experience of Serbian market

  5. Value add What we can do for you? • Join forces, collaborate, team-up and cooperate -for us, our clients are our partners. • You’re not just another client to us - your business becomes our business. When you work with us you’ll see we care about the success of your company just as much as you do. And we’re always open, honest and transparent in everything we do.  • Few of our current clients are HP premium partners which helps us understand end-to-end marketing campaigns, starting with budgeting, through partner localization to claiming. • IT business oriented - There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out.

  6. Marketing Campaign Proposal Personal Systems

  7. PPS ComputingObjectives Business Objectives • Increase market share of the Workstation wallet. • Position HP as a top of mind brand, with a reliable Workstation range. To create a brand offer in such a manner that it occupies a distinctive place and value in the target customer’s mind. Agency task • Execute complete end-to-end co-marketing campaign with local HP partners for HP Z1 workstations to create awareness, keeping HP as the PC market leader with innovative products enhancing customers’ experience.

  8. PPS ComputingWho we are talking to? To Relevant Partners • Preferred Partners, Gold Workstation Specialists in selected geography Target audience • Overall global audience: Architects, Creative Professionals, Educators or Engineers who need to rely on advanced and powerful Workstation technology to provide world-class professional output. • Small Business Small Offices with no IT department, pragmatic workers, looking for everydayproductivity.

  9. PPS Computing1. Cooperation offer Key Message to Partners: Increase your sales with the uncompromising all-in-oneHP Z1 Workstation The powerful HP Z1 Workstation will certainly open up a new dimension for your buyers and create new infinite sales opportunities for you!

  10. PPS ComputingThe end to end demand generation campaign • ??? • Identifying partners • Creating media plan which includes all partners • Localizing campaign materials: • Web banners/Landing pages • Print Ad • Direct Mailing KIT including: • Cover letter with reasons why – saleopportunity, key features of product and potential unique partner’s offering ( payment terms or such ) • Data sheet for Z1 Workstation • Direct mailing production

  11. PPS ComputingTimeline Schedule • ???

  12. PPS ComputingWeb banner 300x250px, • ??? Each partner has its “own” banner which leads to partner’s landing page Translation copy: Predstavljamo snagu Translation copy: bez kućišta. Translation copy: HP Z1.Prva na svetu sve-u-jednom 27-inčaradnastanica. Osnažena Intel Xeon procesorom. Saznajte više.

  13. PPS ComputingWeb landing page • ??? For each partner, we create web landing page ...

  14. PPS ComputingPrint Ad adaptation • ??? Print ads are placed in relevant IT and architectural/design magazines

  15. PPS ComputingeDirect Mailing Following DM kit, we send eDM to remind and inform aboutsale opportunity and key features of product. Data sheet KV Adaptation

  16. PPS ComputingDirect Mailing KIT for Partners + + Data sheet Cover letter KV Adaptation

  17. PPS ComputingEngagement model with participating partners and HP • ??? • As an agency led activity majority of tasks are responsibility of the agency • Choosing the right tools and channels • Convincing HP Partner to get involved in integrated co-marketing campaign • Claiming and reporting

  18. PPS ComputingMetrics and ROMI • ??? • Click through report / per partner • Total number of units sold • If eDM/DM, number of leads generated

  19. PPS ComputingPricing

  20. Marketing Campaign ProposalPrinting Systems

  21. PPS PrintingObjectives Business Objectives • To generate sales leads and revenue for the HP Multi Function Printer (MFP) Portfolio. • The key products to be promoted are the HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M525c and the HP LaserJet Enterprise color flow MFP M575c. Requirements • To propose an end-to-end campaign providing awareness and demand generation for the MFP Products building on the messaging around fewer filing cabinets, manageability, workflow and security. • To provide a compelling reason for a partner to take up the services of the MSA to implement an integrated campaign to end users. To ensure that multiple deliverables/tools are provided which can be integrated into an effective campaign and thatthere is an identifiable process which can track and measure participation and the value of leads or revenue generated.

  22. PPS Printing Who we are talking to? Relevant Partners • PPS resellers: Preferred Partners and Gold Specialists in Managed Print in selected geography Target audience • IT Decision Makers and Line of Business Managers (Managed SMB 50-499 and Corporate Enterprise)

  23. PPS Computing1. Cooperation offer Key Message to Partners: Boost your sale with HP Multifunction Portfolio. Legendary, reliable HP LaserJet printers,cloud-ready with innovations to make every job easier: document management, enterprise-level security, single point of control – for managing more printers with a lot less work.

  24. PPS ComputingThe end to end demand generation campaign • ??? • Identifying partners • Localizing campaign materials: • Web banners/Landing pages • Direct Mailing : • Cover letter and Data sheet for selected product • Direct mailing database purchase • Direct mailing production and execution • Telemarketing • reporting with total number of leads generated

  25. PPS ComputingTimeline Schedule • ???

  26. PPS Printing Web Ads • Various eDM material to be sent to identified target group from SMB/SME portfolio • Telemarketing to follow eDM, to create leads • Timely aligned with standard DM

  27. Manageability WEB BANNER 728x90px

  28. InvestmentsWEB BANNER 300x250px

  29. Security WEB BANNER 728x90px

  30. Workflow WEB BANNER 300x250px

  31. Workflow WEB BANNER 728x90px

  32. PPS Printing eDirect Mailing • Various eDM material to be sent to identified target group from SMB/SME portfolio • Telemarketing to follow eDM, to create leads • Timely aligned with standard DM

  33. eDM General

  34. eDM Workflow

  35. eDM Security

  36. eDM Menageability

  37. eDM Investment

  38. PPS Printing DM • Various DM material to be sent to identified target group from SMB/SME portfolio • Telemarketing to follow eDM, to create leads • Timely aligned with eDM

  39. General Slanje po bazi bla bla

  40. Investments Slanje po bazi bla bla

  41. Manageability Slanje po bazi bla bla

  42. Security DM Slanje po bazi bla bla

  43. Workflow DM

  44. PPS Printing Print Ad • Traditional print magazines in selected business and financial magazines • Depending on the magazine, MSA to advice which print Ad adoption should be used • Timely aligned with eDM/DM based

  45. PPS Printing Print Ad adaptation • ??? General

  46. PPS Printing Print Ad adaptation • ??? Security

  47. PPS Printing Print Ad adaptation • ??? Investment

  48. PPS Printing Print Ad adaptation • ??? Manageability

  49. PPS Printing Print Ad adaptation • ??? Workflow

  50. PPS Printing Engagement model with participating partners and HP • ??? • We would work with local partners to convince them that unified and alligned co-marketing campaign would be better solution and option for their business • Help them identify their projected target group for DM purchase • Help them select proper visuals for selected target group • Provide co-marketing campaign POE and work with partner on gathering POP • Execute claiming for Partners