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Johann Gutenberg

Johann Gutenberg

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Johann Gutenberg

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  1. Johann Gutenberg Little is known about the life of Johann Gutenberg, including his actual year of birth. For example, we do not know if he was married or had children. Even the famous engraved portraits of Gutenberg were made long after his death and are based on the artist's imagination, not Gutenberg's actual appearance.

  2. Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (c. 1398 – c. February 3, 1468) was a German goldsmith and inventor who achieved fame for his invention of the technology of printing with movable types during 1447.

  3. This technology included a type metal alloy and oil-based inks, a mould for casting type accurately, and a new kind of printing press based on presses used in wine-making in the Rhineland in Renaissance Europe.

  4. The exact origin of Gutenberg's first press is apparently unknown, and several authors cite his earliest presses as adaptations of heavier binding presses which were already in use.

  5. Tradition credits him with inventing movable type in Europe. An improvement on the block printing already in use there by combining these elements into a production system, he allowed for the rapid printing of written materials, and an information explosion.

  6. An iron printing press was first invented by Chae Yun-eui from Goryeo Dynasty (an ancient Korean nation, and also, the origin of the name "Korea") in 1234, over 200 years ahead of Gutenberg's accomplishment. Eventually we made the printer from these later inventions.

  7. These early inventions make every day life more interesting today, with such things as marketing. Many things are easier throughout life today people are able to learn much faster and more accurately about the past and present. The End Thank Goodness For Gutenberg