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  1. SEO & CONTENT WRITING  TECHNIQUES  FOR ECOMMERCE  WEBSITES 2015  online health website called ​Indians Health ​​that has been           In this article we will look at a       recently launched in India. Indians Health showcases and sells best herbal,ayurvedic, and             organic health products online.This article is all about suggesting seo and content writing ideas               to Indians Health that helps in improving the visibility and rankings of the website in major                 search engines.                        ​Always write useful Articles in your Blog    It’s always a best practice of having a blog attached to a website. It adds unique and new                   content to your website, that will likely get indexed by search engines and may show up in                 search engine results page for related queries.Articles are always helpful in converting visitors             to buyers,articles when written about most generic topics they not only help in increasing             traffic also  helps in landing a inbound link to your website.  You might be skeptical about the articles; whether visitor will view the them or not,well to be               frank most of them will never read them , user intention is only to buy products that have best                     user ratings. The customer only views your article when you have a snippet of your article               beside the products which may assist him in choosing and buying the best product. Always                 place snippets of articles that help customers in making purchases and providing him the             information he requires  Websites like ​​Zappos does a great job in providing helpful articles for every category they have, these articles not only convert customers for that particular products instead articles may             influence user in buying other  products available in the website.                              ​Post extra Info that are Helpful to the Customers    To do this you need to know the trends and queries users interested in, for that you need to use                     keyword tools like Google keyword planner,Uber suggest and .These tools           helps you out to look for queries and keywords that most of the users search for .Always select                   keywords that have medium monthly searches rather than high search volume ,because all your             high page rank competitors might have optimized their pages for those keywords and it would             be difficult for you to rank for those keywords,so never optimize your pages for high search                 volume  keywords.  Select queries that are somewhat related to the products you offer. For example Indian Health               deals with health products so use queries like “How to get rid of pimples” “How to get glowing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  2. skin” in the articles and optimize it for the keyword which helps your article to top in search                   engine rankings.  Prefer adding related content to the site in a manner similar what was described in the above                   topic; that is writing content that is not only relevant but also helps users in making decisions                   before buying a products.             ​Never use Product Descriptions provided by manufacturers    This is a bit time consuming and work intensive. Several E commerce websites follow the same                 custom of using the same description provided by the manufacturers, and similar description is               seen in all the E commerce sites that are showcasing similar products. Rewriting product titles                   and description and adding more unique content can look different and unique when compared             to other E commerce websites. Though rewriting is a hefty task, I suggest it to be considered as             important factor in the seo strategy. Indians Health which showcases and sells Health products               online follows the same custom of posting the exact description provided by the manufacturer in                 the website, I recommend Indians Health to rewrite the title and descriptions provided by               manufacturers just like they did for ​Dr.Patkar’s Apple Cider Vinegar product page ​,which not only helps in improving  the online user experience but also helps in reducing the bounce rate                          ​ ​​Decrease the Page Size of the Website.    Page Size plays an important role in seo, according to researches 18% of people surfing the                 net, leave the page if it loads for more than 10 – 15 seconds. Always reduce the size of the                     page which helps in decreasing the loading time for the page, I suggest using ​Page Size Extractor tool                            ​ ​​Try to Get User Reviews    Like many other ​Etailer’s even Indians Health allows users to submit reviews; but I don’t see many of them, in few pages none of them. User reviews not only adds unique user generated                   content to the website but also helps in improving conversion rates . These user generated                 reviews influences the buyer’s mindset over the product and if optimized properly they also             show up in search results page when users search for product reviews  Indians Health should try to increase the reviews of the products they showcase. .They can also               give out their products for free and ask the beneficiaries to write a review. Amazon and Zappos                   does a great job when it comes to user reviews, after every purchase they send out a message                   to the user to submit a review and they also send a reminder mail if the buyer forgets to do so.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  3.           Hire someone from Indians Health team or from close contacts who has the expertise and/or               resources to answer all types of queries raised by the users.I suggest Indians Health to start a                 Ask an Expert feature throughout the website. This Feature could make the site more useful and               resourceful and it conveys out a message that when someone browse the website for a query                 he got an expert available .Health kart includes               amazing response from ​netizens .The expert can also run a Forum with all the health Threads where everyone can include their suggestions for the given query                         ​Videos & Images      Healthcare Surprises could be an amazing topic to ask website visitors for visual content such             as videos and images. They could even run contests (best images and videos by products for                 example) on the website and within their social networks to get users participating.  Visitor submitted images and videos of Healthcare Surprises could do very well within their             social media networks. Much of this content will likely to get shared.          Include An “Ask an Expert” Feature?                                                                                      this Ask an Expert feature,and has got an