by garrett evans and brandon goacher n.
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GUN CONTROL: Regulated Militia PowerPoint Presentation
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GUN CONTROL: Regulated Militia

GUN CONTROL: Regulated Militia

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GUN CONTROL: Regulated Militia

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  1. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." -Second Amendment of the United States Constitution By: Garrett Evans and Brandon Goacher GUN CONTROL: Regulated Militia

  2. What is gun control? • Gun control is the governments set laws putting limits/bans on certain firearms. Such as Handguns, assault rifles, or certain caliber sizes.

  3. Federal Gun Laws National Firearms Act Illinois firearm laws Rifles and Shotguns require a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID card) for purchase. Same applies for handgun purchase. Permits and registrations are required for ownership of a firearm in Chicago and some areas around Chicago. Firearms are to be carried by local police, active military personnel, or any specialized government agent ONLY. (DEA, FBI, CIA) Concealed carry strictly forbidden • In 1934, this act of congress was to impose excise taxes and required registration for Title II weapons • Title II weapons include: • Machine Guns • Short Barreled rifles • Short Barreled shotguns • Silenced Weaponry

  4. Deaths Due to Unintentional Injuries, 2006 (Estimates)

  5. Opinion • Guns and any other form of firearm should be put solely in the hands of a regulated militia or the National Guard. If firearms stayed in the hands of well trained soldiers, then the number of accidental fatalities caused by firearms would drastically be reduced. • Unreasonable caliber size should be illegal to the public for sale. Personal protection doesn’t need too big of a bang. • Concealable weapons should be possessed by police officers and military personnel only. • Assault rifles, or any magazine fed rifle or machine gun, should be accessed by police officers and military personnel only.

  6. Unreasonable caliber size • A caliber is the diameter of a bullet measured in inches or millimeters. The higher the caliber, the more powerful the bullet is. • Caliber ranges from: • 9mm-.50cal for handguns • .22-.308 for sporting rifles and some military grade rifles • 5.56-7.62x51 NATO for most assault rifles and military grade machine guns • .306-.50cal for all military grade sniper rifles.

  7. Unreasonable caliber size cont. • Personal protection is a MUST in America. But there are other forms of protection that owning a gun. Like a knife or a tazer. But, if an individual lives in a bad neighborhood and needs to own a gun, that individual does not need a .44 magnum or a Desert Eagle .50 series. The local regulation for firearms should be a 9mm maximum, and these rounds should be taxed heavily.

  8. Concealable weapons • A concealable weapon is any kind of firearm or blade that can be hidden within a coat, under a shirt, or in a pocket. This can include, but is not limited to hip holsters, shoulder strap holsters, and ankle/leg holsters. • Concealable weapons are generally referring to any handgun • In Illinois, concealable carry is illegal, as is visible carry. Due to the handgun ban in Chicago • Any firearm, or anything that can kill somebody, should not be hidden from public view nor in the hands of the general public. • These weapons should only be in the hands of local police officers

  9. Assault rifles • An assault rifle is any fully automatic option, magazine fed, high caliber firearm. • Assault rifles are military grade weapons and generally do not reach the pubic. • These weapons are illegal unless the user has registration and license.

  10. Regulated militia • Any type of firearm should be in the hands of highly trained professionals like that of the US Armed Forces or the National Guard. Doing this should lower/almost eliminate accidental deaths by firearms and street related gun violence.

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