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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

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  1. Goal Setting If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else. -Yogi Berra

  2. Objectives • Explore the difference between a wish and a goal • Define and learn how to set goals (short, mid-range, and long-range) using the GPA format • Learn the importance of planning • How goal setting can support promotion from grade 10 to 11 • Review transcripts

  3. What is a wish? • A wish is out of your control and there is no definite plan in place. • A wish can be short-term, long-term or mid-range. • A wish is completely in your control.

  4. How many credits must a 10th grader earn (minimum) to be promoted to grade 11? • 10 • 14 • 12

  5. What are the promotion requirements for students to move from 10th to 11th grade? • Pass English I, English II and 2 math, science or social studies classes and have at least 12 credits • Pass English I, English II, 1 math, 1 science and 1 social studies class and have at least 12 credits • Pass English I and English II and have at least 12 credits

  6. How many credits (minimum) do you need to graduate? • 22 • 24 • 26

  7. Wish and a Goal Overview • Wishes are based on variables that you DO NOT control. • I wish that the weather was always perfect and there were no storms. • Goals are based on variables that you DO control. • If I want to lose weight I can say that my goal is to exercise for thirty minutes a day. I have control over the amount of time I spend exercising. • If I intend to get a certain grade on an exam, then that would be a goal because I control the amount of studying and preparation that I do. Remember, the key is CONTROL

  8. Wish versus Goal • Something you want to be true • May be impossible • There is no plan to make it come true • Not likely to come true • Something you want to be true • It is possible for you to make it come true • A plan can be done to make it come true • You may need help • May take a short time • May take a long time

  9. Examples • Losing weight. • Every day was a vacation day. • Become taller. • Graduate from high school. • Own a BMW. • Attend a concert. • Run faster. • Read every day. • Live in a city larger than Raleigh.

  10. Types of goals • Short-range goal can be done in 1 day. • Example: I will arrive on time to class. • Mid-range goal takes more than 1 day. • Example: I will earn a C on my next test. • Long-range goal can take months or years. • Example: I will earn a C or better in English 2.

  11. The Goal Roller Coaster Parents Boss Friends Teachers Tutors Job or career fair Extended family/siblings Scholarships/ Financial Aid Neighbor / Mentor Job shadowing Smart Lunch Faith-based community What processes or people support your goals? Hinder your progress? School counselors

  12. Goal Setting Outline: GPA Format • Describe your GOAL. Is it short-range, mid-range, long-range? • Over the next 3 years earn a GPA no less than a B /3.0 • Explain your PLAN. What action will you take to make that goal come true? • Learn how to take good notes. Ask for help. • What ACTION steps will you have to take to make sure your goal is achieved? Can you list 3 action steps? • Create a study group from class. • Remember a goal may require assistance and asking for help can be an action step.

  13. Our Goal for You is Promotion • Describe your promotion goal. Is it short-range, mid-range, long-range? • Short-range – know your promotion requirements • Mid-range – pass all of your courses this semester • Long-range – have completed a total of 12 or more credits by the end of this year

  14. Our Goal for You is Promotion • Explain your plan. What action will you take to make that goal come true? • I will schedule time at home so that I can study and socialize with my friends. • Take my own notes before attending class. • Call a friend for help. • Ask my family members to read with me. • Use audio books to support my reading. What else can you do?

  15. Our Goal for You is Promotion • What steps will you have to take to make sure your goal is achieved? • Use SMART lunch • Ask for help • Read each night • Complete assignments on time • Monitor my progress using my SPAN, my transcript and report cards

  16. Is Our Promotion Goal for you Achievable? : Transcript Review Promotion requirements from Grade 10 to 11 English 1 English 2 One credit in math One credit in social studies One credit in science 7 additional credits 12 total credits (minimum)

  17. Review of Handouts • Transcript? Why it is important to receive it now? • How is the Now and Then handout tied to transcript review? (green handout) • GPA format for goal setting (green) • Sophomore Cheat Sheet of Important Information (yellow)

  18. PLAN –designed for 10th graders • Over time, the PLAN and the ACT measure college readiness skills. • Lowest score is 1 and highest is 32. PLAN takes the number of questions you answered correctly and translates into a number between 1 and 32. Your composite score is simply the average of your test scores in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science (rounded to a whole number). • The two scores directly under English and math only range from 1 to 16. They tell you how well you did in two specific areas and DO NOT necessarily equal your English or Math test scores.

  19. PLAN –designed for 10th graders • Estimated ACT score range is a prediction • Use the back of the Score Report for some ideas on improving your scores in the different subject areas.

  20. Thank you, Class of 2016!