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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

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  1. Goal Setting Setting Measureable Goals Lesson One 7th Grade

  2. Why Are Goals Important? Goals something that you work towards and hope to achieve. Goals give you a sense of purpose and direction. As you accomplish your goals, your self-esteem grows. Self esteem is the way you value, respect, and feel confident about yourself. Values are important beliefs that influence the goals that you set. 7th Grade

  3. Types of Goals Short-Term Goalsare tasks that you can accomplish in hours, days, or weeks. Mid-Range Goalsare stepping stones leading from short term goals to long term. You use mid-range goals like checkpoints or directions from where you are now to your ultimate goal. Long-Term Goalsmay take months or even years to reach and usually are made up of several short-term and mid-range goals. 7th Grade

  4. Goal Setting Write down your specific goal Determine a start and completion date Identify the benefits of achieving your goal List obstacles Create actions steps, prioritize and get going Review your progress Reward yourself for achieving your goal 7th Grade

  5. Measuring Your Progress By measuring your progress, you can see if you are on the right track. And the only way to be sure that you have progressed is to check your results. Changing Your Plan You will occasionally have to cope with setbacks when trying to reach a goal. Coping is dealing with problems in an effective way. When things don’t go as planned, try a different path. 7th Grade

  6. This is the end of Setting Measureable Goals STOP HERE 7th Grade

  7. Goal Setting Fitness Goals Lesson Two 7th Grade

  8. Why Should You Exercise? What Is Exercise? Exercise is targeted physical activity that maintains or improves fitness. Why Is Exercise Important? Lack of exercise can make doing everyday tasks hard. People who don’t get regular exercise increase their chances of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 7th Grade

  9. Your Fitness Goals • Regardless of your fitness level, you should exercise regularly and set fitness goals. • Setting short-term incremental fitness goals can help you meet a long-term fitness goal. (Ex. Running a marathon) • Tracking your progress along the way helps you to stay focused on your goal. 7th Grade

  10. Measurable Ways to Track your Progress • Target Heart Rate The following equations gives you an estimate your target heart rate zone: Maximum HR = 220 - age • 60% of MHR = MHR x 0.60 • 85% of MHR = MHR x 0.85 Exercise within your target heart rate zone for maximum benefit. • Repetitions • Time/Duration • Distances • Amount of weight 7th Grade

  11. Cardiovascular Endurance • Cardiovascular Enduranceis the ability of your heart and lungs to work efficiently during physical activity. • Heart and lung endurance keeps you from becoming short of breath. • Fitnessgram PACER test measures cardiovascular endurance! 7th Grade

  12. Muscular Endurance and Muscular Strength Muscular Enduranceisthe ability to do activities for more than a few minutes and the ability of your muscles to keep working over time. Muscular Strength is the amount of force that muscles apply when they are used and can be measured by the amount of weight you can lift. Push-Ups and Curl-Ups measure muscular strength and endurance in the Fitnessgram! 7th Grade

  13. Flexibility Flexibilityis the ability to bend and twist joints easily. You use flexibility when you bend down, twist your body, or reach for something. The Back Saver Sit and Reach &Trunk Lift measure Flexibility during the Fitnessgram! 7th Grade

  14. Body Composition Body Composition compares the weight of your fat to the weight of your muscles, bones, and organs. Physical activity can improve body composition. 7th Grade

  15. Testing Your Fitness • Knowing your fitness weaknesses can help you plan to improve your fitness. • You can set fitness goals for improvement in the areas of weakness. What are the components of the Fitnessgram Assessment? 7th Grade