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Chapters 14 – 15 The Stikine Ice Cap p. 133-156 PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapters 14 – 15 The Stikine Ice Cap p. 133-156

Chapters 14 – 15 The Stikine Ice Cap p. 133-156

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Chapters 14 – 15 The Stikine Ice Cap p. 133-156

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  1. Chapters 14 – 15 The Stikine Ice Cap p. 133-156 Schmidt – St. Charles East High School 2010

  2. John Menlove Edwards John Menlove Edwards It was wanting something more, something tangible… I climb. p. 133

  3. Henry David Thoreau You know the path, but wander, thrilled, over the bare and pathless rock, as if it were solidified air and cloud. p. 133

  4. Devil’s Thumbp. 134

  5. Nordwand - north wall p. 134

  6. diorite p. 134

  7. . “That is my boot in the lower left of the photo. You could hear the water echoing for hundreds of feet down into the very heart of the Mighty Mendenhall Glacier.” Maynard Miller p. 135

  8. Fishing Workboat for long-lining and purse seining p. 136

  9. Petersburg, Alaska p. 136

  10. Alaska’s Inside Passage p. 136

  11. Frederick Sound p. 137 p. 137

  12. Stikine Ice Cap A: the Devils Thumb; 7 The Southeast Face (Krakauer, 1977) p. 137

  13. Crossing a crevasse

  14. …fear of an avalanche in motion p. 141

  15. Bergschrund - a large, deep crack in the ice or crevasse that separates moving glacier material from the ice apron p. 142

  16. are tall peaks of ice on the surface of a glacier, forming where sets of crevasses intersect. Seracs U.S. Geological Survey photo by Bruce Molnia (fair use policy)

  17. “All that held me to the mountainside…were two thin spikes of chrome molybdenum stuck half an inch into a smear of frozen water.” p. 143

  18. “…stepping off the hanging glacier, all of it on crampon front points and the picks of my axes…” p. 143

  19. Crampon for vertical ice climbing p. 143

  20. “…a large section of the tent’s interior wall vaporized in front of my eyes…the built-in fly escaped the flames so it was still more or less weatherproof; …however, it was now 30 degrees colder inside… p. 147 p. 150

  21. I dug a shallow hole, wrapped myself in the bivvy bag, and sat in the swirling snow…where spindrift had gotten inside my parka and bag and soaked my shirt.” p. 151

  22. Fittingly, the summit was a surreal, malevolent place, an improbably slender wedge of rock and rime no wider than a file cabinet…the south face fell away beneath my right boot for 2500 feet; beneath my left boot the north face dropped twice that distance. p. 153-154

  23. “Then I stood up, carefully turned around, and headed for home…I’ve been over here twenty days.” p. 154 Photo by Maynard Miller

  24. Krakauer on Everest …like Chris McCandless, I was a raw youth who mistook passion for insight …I thought climbing would fix all that was wrong with my life.” p. 155

  25. April 1992 Chris McCandless, 24, posing for a self-portrait with a porcupine, hiked into the wilderness in April 1992 in search of adventure and was dead by late August. Photo courtesy of McCandless family

  26. McCandless penned a brief adios: "I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all."p. 199 Photo by JILLIAN ROGERS

  27. McCandless' family left a memorial plaque at the bus. He had cut all ties with them before embarking on the two-year odyssey that would end with his death. Photo by JILLIAN ROGERS

  28. Christopher McCandless' death by starvation in this abandoned bus near Healy in 1992 inspired the book and movie "Into the Wild." The bus was photographed March 21, 2006. Photo by JILLIAN ROGERS

  29. Krakauer with Sean Penn, director of Into the Wild, in Alaska

  30. "It was this wonderful thing about him and his downfall because he believed that it's wrong to get too comfortable in life… And he believed you grow and have the best adventures and learn the most if you just step outside that comfort zone." Jon Krakauer

  31. "I think that Chris was someone who didn't waste his life wondering what other people would think of him. He lived his life wondering what he would think about himself." Chris's sister Carine

  32. Christopher Johnson McCandless“…that was a very different thing from wanting to die.” p 156

  33. Schmidt – St. Charles East High School