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Employability Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Employability Skills

Employability Skills

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Employability Skills

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  1. Employability Skills Mr. Lonergan

  2. Employability Skills • 36 month Skinny (1 year) • 1 Credit • Text: Skills At Work and Proffessional Development Program • Course Description: Learn employability skills needed to succeed in a variety of career areas. Explore your interests and talents and set realistic career goals. Contacts with community employers, professional speakers, field trips, and job shadowing experiences are included in this course.

  3. Employability Internship • Mr. Blersch (room 236) – 1st semester • Mr. Lonergan – 2nd Semester • 1 year • 1 Credit • Can work any hours; must average 15 hours/week • All work will be saved in your folder

  4. Units of Study • Self-Analysis, Portfolio • Time and Resource Management • Career Preparation • Manners & Etiquette, Attitude • Values • Listening Skills • Acquiring Information • Financial Planning • Ethics • Leadership/Management • Social Responsibility • Customer Service • Social Issues • Job Shadowing • Law • Communication Skills

  5. Student Equipment • Pen or Pencil Bring everyday! • 3-Ring Binder • Jump Drive

  6. Major Assessments/Projects • Students will create a career portfolio, including a resume and letter of recommendation. Students will be required to read a business/self-help related book and make a report. Students will be expected to be in attendance, participate in discussions and complete assignments.

  7. Grading Policies • Student’s term grades will be based on 80% Assessment/20% Class work. An effort grade will be based on class work, lab participation, and portfolio reviews.

  8. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Homework Expectations: • Students will be expected to complete workbook assignments as directed by the teacher. Some assignments will be readings, worksheets, and various lab projects. Students should be able to complete assigned class work within the school day. Additional time will be available when the building trades lab is open. After school work time only if prearranged with the teacher. Quizzes and exams will be given throughout the year.

  9. Activity Period • Room 212 will be open to all students who need extra time on assignments, extra help on topics discussed in class, and whomever wants a place to study. Also, students who are failing or are in danger of failing should be in the classroom / lab during the activity period.

  10. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Materials: • The student is responsible for the return of all checked out equipment at the end of the class/term in good condition. Students will be charged for lost or stolen items that belong to OHS. All personnel items are to have the student’s name, initials, or ID mark.

  11. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Absences: • Students with excused absences are responsible to arrange due dates w/instructor upon the day of their return. If no arrangements are made at that time assignments are due the day after return. Assignments missed due to an unexcused absence are due the day after return. • Tardiness: • Students are expected to be in their seat before the bell rings. Students with three or more tardies will have to make up time after school. (Student Handbook pg. 27-28 #1)

  12. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Late Work: • Assignments handed in one day late will result in a 10% deduction. Two days late 20%, three days 40%. No late work will be accepted after three days.

  13. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Cheating: • Cheating will not be tolerated in class. If a student is caught cheating they will receive a minimum of loss of credit on the assignment, and impact may result in course failure depending on the weight of the assignment/work. (Student Handbook pg. 16)

  14. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Disciplinary Action: • Disciplinary action will be taken when the student’s behavior disrupts the daily function of the class. The following steps will be taken; conference with the student at teacher’s discretion, referral and contact parents. All students are expected to follow the rules in the student handbook. Horseplay and dangerous behavior will result in suspension or expulsion from course. Language, which is insulting, demeaning, or offensive, will not be tolerated. (Student Handbook pg. 29)

  15. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Vandalism: • Students caught vandalizing tools/equipment/furniture will be charged the full amount to replace/repair the equipment. If no one claims responsibility the entire building trades 1 student body will share the cost.

  16. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Food/Drink: • Only bottles with caps will be allowed in the room. Food is allowed but no chips/cereal/etc. will be allowed because of potential for mess. Failure to keep the room clean will result in suspension of privileges.

  17. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Safety: • Students are expected to follow guidelines set by instructor. Failure to comply will result in loss of lab privileges and possible expulsion from course.

  18. Classroom Expectations/Policies • Teacher Contact: • You can contact any of the CooneyTech instructors through our website. You can also call our office phones, but you will only get voicemail. • 262-560-3116 • • Office: room 211