welcome to the st thomas aquinas s s community n.
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Welcome to the St. Thomas Aquinas S.S. Community PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the St. Thomas Aquinas S.S. Community

Welcome to the St. Thomas Aquinas S.S. Community

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Welcome to the St. Thomas Aquinas S.S. Community

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  1. Welcome to the St. Thomas Aquinas S.S. Community Grade 9 Orientation Day Parent Presentation Thursday, August 30, 2012

  2. Welcome! • Sarah Donovan: Chair of the Catholic School Council for Aquinas • Leslie Marchand: VP

  3. Tuesday, September 4th…Now What? • Transportation • Uniform • School-Home communication • The School Day • Student Expectations • Useful Tips • Who to call

  4. Transportation • STOPR is responsible for issues around Student Bussing and eligibility • You can access STOPR info through the main page of our school’s website • • All students eligible for bussing will receive their bus pass on the first day of school but will ride the bus on Tuesday morning as expected with no difficulty

  5. Transportation cont’d… • Courtesy Seat forms will be on the school website once STOPR has released them • Courtesy seats will not be determined until Thanksgiving • Brampton Transit has several routes that run to the school • Bus routes are always available at the Main Office for students to access

  6. Kiss and Ride • If you are dropping your son/daughter off at the school, you are asked to use the kiss and ride lanes • Please utilize the entire driveway to avoid backing up the traffic on Corporation Dr. and Torbram • The back of the school is for bus loading only

  7. Uniform Expectations • All students must wear the appropriate uniform to school each day • Students who are out of uniform may be sent home to change • Black pants with Cardinal, burgundy rugby shirt, black shoes (with black laces if applicable) • Optional summer uniform: (First day of school until Thanksgiving; May to end of June)

  8. Parent Engagement • Parents are encouraged to contact classroom teachers: (905)791-1195 • Parent-Teacher Interviews: October 18th for first semester • Catholic School Council: Everyone is welcome to attend! Sept. 25th is the first mtg • Newsletters sent home with each report card

  9. Parent engagement cont’d… • Access the school website on a regular basis for updates and events • • Use of the “Auto Dialer” messages on a regular basis • Go through your son/daughter’s agenda for other key information • Never hesitate to call

  10. The School Day! • The warning bell rings at 8:05 • Homeroom begins at 8:12 with O’ Canada and our morning Prayer/Reflection • Students all have a 40 min. lunch period • They can eat lunch in the cafeteria or go out for lunch if they choose. They do not need to sign-out for lunch as they may have done in Elementary

  11. The School Day continued… • There are microwaves in the caf if you want to send your son/daughter with a lunch that requires heating • All students will be assigned their own locker! Students must purchase a school lock for $7 from the library. • Students should not share their lockers or give out their combinations to anyone!

  12. Still working on the school day! • Students have 5 min to get to and from their classes. Being on-time is crucial! • The school day ends at 2:15 • After school students should make their way home unless they are involved in after-school activities (sports, arts, clubs). And, we do hope all our grade 9’s Get Involved! • Aquinas Get Involved: Thurs.Sept.13/12

  13. Student Absences • If your son/daughter is away you need to call the school and speak to the Attendance Secretary (or leave a message). • You can also send your son/daughter to school with a note when they return legitimizing the absence. • School attendance is a vital part of student success.

  14. Student Absences cont’d… • There will be consequences for students who skip classes. • You will receive a phone call home indicating an absence through the school’s “synervoice” message system. • If your son/daughter is going to be on an extended absence (ie: vacation) they must see their Vice Principal so the school is informed in advance.

  15. Student Expectations! • The most important expectation is always the Golden Rule! • But, there are a few other expectations to highlight…

  16. Personal Electronic Devices • It is board policy that the use of cell phones and other PED’s is not permitted at school (GAP 541; Policy 8:12) • Students are expected to have their phones off and away during class time. • Cell Phones act as a distraction for everyone in the classroom! • There will be consequences for students who use their phones in class.

  17. Hats! • Students are not permitted to wear hats in the school • Those choosing to wear hats take the risk of having their hat taken away for the remainder of the school day or possibly longer

  18. Classroom Work! • All students should work their hardest and to the best of their ability • If they are struggling, they need to talk to their Teacher and/or Guidance Counsellor and access numerous supports available (ie: Math Help; Science Help…) • They should be on time and prepared for class each and every day!

  19. Student Progress and Reporting: • October 11th: Early Progress Reports • November 15: Mid-Term Report Cards • February 8th: Final Sem. 1 Report Cards • March 21st: Early Progress Reports • April 24th: Mid-Term Report Cards • June 28th: Final Sem. 2 Report Cards

  20. Conflicts with peers • We encourage all of our students to seek support to help them settle conflicts. That could be: • Guidance Counsellor • CYW • Teacher • Vice Principal

  21. Conflicts cont’d… • All reports are confidential and handled with discretion • Parents will be informed if there is an incident involving their son/daughter

  22. Neighbourhood Policing Unit • Aquinas has an excellent relationship with 21 Division Officers • School assigned NPU Officers • Program established for rapport and safety, not patrolling and enforcing the law • Part of our Safe Schools Action Team and bullying prevention

  23. Useful Tips! • Access the website on a regular basis • Call your son/daughter’s teachers if you have concerns or want to know how they are doing • Contact the appropriate VP if you are feeling uneasy about something, or require clarification • Read through the quarterly newsletter for all the latest updates

  24. Who to Contact? • Student Attendance: Mrs. Ruggiero • General Inquiries: Main Office (Switchboard) • Student Progress: Individual Teachers • Other Concerns: Appropriate VP

  25. Guidance Counsellors: • Mrs. Rea: RAP students • Mr. Conroy: A-DK • Mr. Grenier: DL-K • Mrs. McInnis: L- PL • Mrs. Clayton: PO-Z

  26. Vice Principals: • Mrs. Kathy McQuire A-DL • Mr. Jason Boily DM-K • Ms. Leslie Marchand L-P • Ms. Toni Di Franco Q-Z

  27. From a Parents’ Perspective • Sarah Donovan

  28. Questions • Are there questions you still have?

  29. Thank You! • Thank you for taking the time to come out today to support your son/daughter • Please enjoy some refreshments on behalf of our Catholic School Council!