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US-INDIA SSCP 5G Roadmap & Standards Activities

US-INDIA SSCP 5G Roadmap & Standards Activities. David K. Bain,TIA VP, Standards. Defining the 5g Ecosystem . 5G > 5G Cellular 5G ECOSYSTEM = 5G cellular + the infrastructure (antenna supporting structures, datacenters, cabling), complementary standards & technologies enabling 5G services.

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US-INDIA SSCP 5G Roadmap & Standards Activities

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  1. US-INDIA SSCP5G Roadmap &Standards Activities David K. Bain,TIA VP, Standards

  2. Defining the 5g Ecosystem • 5G > 5G Cellular 5G ECOSYSTEM = 5G cellular + the infrastructure (antenna supporting structures, datacenters, cabling), complementary standards & technologies enabling 5G services. Telecommunications Industry Association

  3. Defining the 5g Ecosystem • 5G > 5G Cellular • IoT/M2M • LEO • WiFi-6 802.11ax • Datacenters / Cabling • Towers & Drones • Buildings / Facilities • Best practices (efficiency; safety) Telecommunications Industry Association

  4. IoT / m2m • CISCO: M2M connections will be more than half of the global connected devices and connections by 2022. The share of M2M connections will grow from 34 percent in 2017 to 51 percent by 2022. There will be 14.6 billion M2M connections by 2022. • OneM2M is a non-chartered, existing as a partnership of its founders, including TIA and TSDSI • Designed to leverage and complement 3GPP 5G architecture • Hypothetically vulnerable to Quantum attack due to reliance on TLS security protocols Telecommunications Industry Association

  5. The LEO Complement to 5G • LEO Constellations • Iridium Next • Boeing • SpaceX Starlink • OneWeb • BlueOrigin • LEOSat • Samsung Telecommunications Industry Association

  6. Wifi-6 • Computational Intelligence • OFDMA + Mu MIMO • Spectrum Optimized: 2.4 & 5 GHz (6GHz? 5G Handoff?) Telecommunications Industry Association

  7. Datacenters ANSI / TIA 942 • ULLUHB requires reducing distance between users and computing capacity • Global certification regime via partners • Edge Data Centers (EDCs) Working Group • EDCs: Four classes in current taxonomy: • Radio Site • Access Site • Aggregation Site • Core Site Telecommunications Industry Association

  8. CRITICAL IMPORANCE OF Towers & ANSI / TIA 222H Telecommunications Industry Association

  9. Towers: ANSI / TIA 222H • Standard for antenna supporting structures (and wind turbines) in > 100 countries • Critical to 5G because of densification of network requiring more antennas on more towers (and structures) • Ad Hoc TG23 UAS (drone) technical group preparing addenda for consideration in 2020 • QR code standardization project Telecommunications Industry Association

  10. Towers: ANSI / TIA 222H: Drones Telecommunications Industry Association

  11. Towers: ANSI / TIA 222H: DRONES! • Bring down the cost of 5G • Reduce time to market • Reduce cost of servicing and inspection (mount analysis, mount map, structural analysis, TIA Inspection) • Reduce insurance • M&A enabler • WITH ONE DRONE FLIGHT (~75%): • 3 image types: Points in a mesh cloud; 3D CAD; 2D • Automated structural analysis • TIA 222 inspections • Field operations and maintenance • Financial modeling; insurance costs; change detection • Beget detailed object management Telecommunications Industry Association

  12. Buildings / facilities & Enterprises • Datacenters represent roughly 20% of ICT infrastructure (the remaining 80% is in facilities) • ICT Lifecycle Management problem • Catastrophic ICT failures • Missed SLAs • Deeper issues than DR/BC • Caused by • Myopic C-suite / IT project practices • Acute since 2008 financial crisis • TR-60 ICT Lifecycle Management • Provides longterm management framework • Overarching multiple standards and disciplines • Enabler of physical and cybersecurity • Led by IT thought leaders from vertical industries: banking, broadcasting, healthcare, hospitality Telecommunications Industry Association

  13. Essential for 5g: 4g best practices • Gradual process of a society coming to terms with new technology= Culture Lag • Expansive risk taxonomy of smartphones: Addiction, kinetic, privacy, security, health threats from multiple vectors: occipital protuberances, RF, and … • LED (ocular, cognitive / behavioral, immunological) • 4G and smartphones: LED risk and standards of IEC TC76? Telecommunications Industry Association

  14. Depletion of Melatonin  - N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamineWhite light and any kind of light can suppress the secretion of melatonin, and Blue light does so more powerfully.Blue light suppresses melatonin for about twice as long as the green light; it also shifts the circadian rhythms by twice as much.Research shows that light at night may contribute to certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.  (Harvard Medical LED Best Practices: Duration Distance Intensity Time of Day Ambient light Use risk mitigating tech…and 5 G promises to be more immersive, engaging, essential, transformative Telecommunications Industry Association

  15. Essential for 5g: 4g best practices Is indifference to tech ethics on the decline? • Culture lag catching up • GSC-22 ethical developments • GDPR • Gorbachev Foundation • IEEE efforts around AI Telecommunications Industry Association

  16. Implications for us-india partnership • Is India uniquely positioned to thrive in a climate in which integrity, ethical practices are ascendant? (Given it cultural roots valuing human rights, environment, health) • Are India and its partners in a position envision and invent the global knowledge economy of the future in which ICT are not used to manipulate, enslave, and subjugate but empower people, protect human dignity, freedom, personal and planetary health? Telecommunications Industry Association

  17. YES! Helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment are core to ANSI (and IEC).

  18. Thank you for your partnership @davidkbain dbain@tiaonline.org

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