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NEON UPDATE. Jeff Taylor Hongyan Luo Keli Goodman National Ecological Observatory Network. NEON Goals.

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  1. NEON UPDATE Jeff Taylor Hongyan Luo Keli Goodman National Ecological Observatory Network

  2. NEON Goals The overarching goal of NEON is to enable understanding and forecasting of climate change, land use change, and invasive species on continental-scale ecology by providing infrastructure to support research in these areas. • Information infrastructure: Consistent, continental, long-term, multi-scaled data-sets and data products that serve as a context for research and education. • Physical Infrastructure: A research platform for investigator-initiated sensors, observations, and experiments providing physical infrastructure, cyberinfrastructure, human resources, and expertise, and program management and coordination. jtaylor@neoninc.org

  3. Two Networks jtaylor@neoninc.org

  4. NEON-NADP Synergy: Opportunities!! • Wet Deposition/NTN • NEON is looking to add ~55 additional wet deposition collection sites for 30 years of operations • Data Sharing • All data collected by NEON is publicly available via the NEON data portal (duplicate of the NADP hosted data) • Network Collaboration • All NEON algorithms, model synthesis, continental scale data maps, etc. will be available

  5. NEON Science Facilities (subsystems) jtaylor@neoninc.org

  6. National Observatory with 20 Domains jtaylor@neoninc.org

  7. NEON-NADP Synergy: Current Plans 55 wet deposition collection sites. Why these sites?

  8. Terrestrial-Aquatic Co-Location

  9. NEON Sampling Instrumentation Instrumentation: • Manufacture: N-CON Systems Company, Inc. • Model: Trace Metal (TM) sampler • Features: dual bottles and chiller to accommodate wet deposition sampling and precipitation isotopic sampling. TM model is modified from MDN 00-125-4 Automatic Precipitation Sampler for Mercury & General Purpose Sampling.

  10. NEON Instrument Location

  11. NEON-NADP Comparison Strategy • First Co-located Sites (Summer 2014): • Central Plains Experimental Range/Pawnee grassland • Woodworth • Data Comparison: • (Re)-evaluation based on results from initial sites • Further comparison at CASTNET at Rocky Mountain NP, Oak ridge, Niwot ridge, Caribou Creek, etc. • MOU to be discussed at Exec Meeting (Thursday) • Analysis and Archiving will adopt the NADP methods • Available to the community through NEON and NADP

  12. Additional Measurements: Tower 1 Additional measurements at NEON sites can be helpful to interpret the results of wet deposition: • Climatic observations: winds (horizontal), temperature, humidity, PAR radiation profiles. • Precipitation: bulk precipitation (both liquid and solid), US CRN DFIR at core sites

  13. Additional Measurements: Tower 2 • Canopy Aerodynamics • Wind (turbulent) • Gas Chemistry (O3, NOy, CO2, H2O, isotopes) • Aerosols • Particulate Matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10, TSP) Filter Archived • Phenological cameras • Lots of Soil Measurements

  14. Additional Measurements – Aquatics Sensors

  15. Additional Measurements – Aquatics Sensors • In-stream • Pressure Transducers • Multisonde (2): Twater, DO, Turbidity, • pH, Conductivity • CDOM • Nutrient Analyzer • PAR • Near-Stream – Micrometeorology • Tair, Precipitation, BP, PAR, Net Radiaiton • Wind speed and direction • Camera • Groundwater • Temperature, Level and Conductivity

  16. The National Ecological Observatory Network is a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation and managed under cooperative agreement by NEON Inc. www.neoninc.org hluo@neoninc.org jtaylor@neoninc.org kgoodman@neoninc.org jtaylor@neoninc.org

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