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Neon. Aniela Ocasio. The element that I chose was Neon.

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  1. Neon Aniela Ocasio

  2. The element that I chose was Neon. Neon got its name from this guy name William Ramsay, neon was a Greek word meaning ‘new one’ and neon was discovered when Pamsay chilled a sample of the atmosphere until it became a liquidthen warmed the ligued and captured the new gases as they boiled off

  3. The periodic symbol • Atomic mass= 20.1797 • Atomic number 10

  4. There 10 protons, neutrons and electron that are founding in Neon. Protrons neutrons electron

  5. it has boiling point &melting point. • the neon is colorless • Its has no texture

  6. My element neon is a noble gas Therefore its not a non-metall

  7. Neon is found abundantly in space forming stars and suns, but is rare on earth in its atmosphere. • Neon is used to make glowing signs, television tubes and wave meter tubes. • Neon is obtained by liquefaction of air and separation using fractional distillation.

  8. SOME OF THE USE OF NEON ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!! • Neon sign like this

  9. My element is awesome it has bright color use everyday like store window and its different from regular lights

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