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Product Selling Kit - For Dealer- PowerPoint Presentation
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Product Selling Kit - For Dealer-

Product Selling Kit - For Dealer-

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Product Selling Kit - For Dealer-

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  1. Product Selling Kit - For Dealer- Michelin Pilot Road 4

  2. Michelin Feel more secure, whatever the conditions* New Variable Grooving Ratio Road Performance Compared with Pilot Road 3, Handling, abrasion resistance and dry and wet grip are improved A transversal variable grooving ratio for optimal longitudinal and transversal grip whatever the motorcycle lean angle conditions. Center « C » : Near to slick (Sipes excepted)  Rubber in contact with ground is maximized on front, for on better dry grip when braking and, on rear, for better acceleration and motricity. This has a positive impact on longevity. Intermediate « I » : Grooving ratio around 15% (Sipes excepted)  For better wet grip under lean angle Shoulder « S » : Grooving ration below 10%  For a better dry grip under lean angle > 40° I I S S S S C C I I **An average grooving ratio reduced from 15% for Pilot Road 3 to 13% for Pilot Road4 to improve dry grip performances MICHELIN Advanced Technology 2CT : Dual Compound Technology 2AT : Dual Angle Technology XST+ : The new XST Generation Wet-weather riding will feel safer, more secure and less stressful Provide excellent grip from -5°C on dry roads to 45°C and outstanding grip on a wide range of road surfaces, including painted lines and crosswalks • 2AT uniquely combines elements of both bias and radial tire designs during the manufacturing process in order to deliver the best of both worlds: the extra load carrying capacity of bias and the riding pleasure of a radial • The patented sipes and integrated reservoirs of MICHELIN XST deliver exceptional grip on wet roads • Both Front and Rear tires benefit from the 2CT technology. The harder center compounds help promote a longer tire life while the softer shoulder compounds provide extra grip when cornering • The cross sipes to help improve wet weather braking, and adds chamfers to the sipes to help prevent abnormal wear under extreme conditions • New tread patterns were also developed for both front and rear to optimize wet and dry grip at all lean angles, and to promote uniform wear Pictures • Results: 15% more cornering stiffness than MICHELIN Pilot Road 3, enhanced stability at high speeds, and a smooth ride Pictures • <Other Technologies> • The HMLS polyester brings the endurance of nylon • Pilot Road 4 compromises a 0°belt in aramid Twaron • More feedbacks and confidence for the bikers with an excellent stability in braking and acceleration time. • →

  3. Choose the Pilot Road 4 tire that matches your bike MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 4 • The new industry standard for sport touring use • Last 20% longer than Michelin Pilot Road 3 tire • Grip the road across a wide range of riding conditions and temperatures (-5°C to 45°C) MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 4 GT • 2AT technology for maximum stability for GT-class bikes • All of the MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 4 features, with the same pattern • Stiffer casing with 2AT for GT-class bikes and 2-up riding with luggage MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 4 TRAIL • The sport touring tire for trail bikes ridden on roads • All of the MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 4 features, with the same pattern • Optimized compound for trail bikes that are ridden 100% on road * Model to come • At Michelin, we focus on safety, riding pleasure and longevity, • All at the same time and with no trade-offs. • That’s what we mean by MICHELIN Total Performance.