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Our sustainable development approach PowerPoint Presentation
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Our sustainable development approach

Our sustainable development approach

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Our sustainable development approach

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  1. Our sustainable development approach

  2. Geodis’ commitment to sustainable developmentA 15 year old approach • 1992: First ISO 9001 (quality) certification • 1997: Publication of the deontology code for managers • 1999: Launching of the TCS approach (Total Customer Satisfaction) • 2000: First ISO 14001 (environment) certifications • 2003: Member of the United Nations Global Compact and creation of the Environment Department • 2004: Publication of the first report on social and environmental data (French “NRE - Nouvelles Régulations Economiques” law) • 2006: Signature of the charter of goods delivery best practices in Paris • 2007: Creation of the Geodis Foundation and of the Sustainable Development Department • 2008: Launching of the sustainable development programme « Blue Attitude » and Sustainable Development Policy signed by top management • 2009: First sustainable development report at Group level

  3. Geodis 5 commitments By the implementation of innovative performance-oriented economic and environmental solutions. Working with our CUSTOMERS in their SD approach By means awareness and training programmesto encourage new ideas and heighten personal accountability. Getting our PEOPLE involved and increasing their safety By the improvement of vehicle and facility environmental quality and the marketing of alternative modes of transport. Taking care of the ENVIRONMENT and controlling the risks Through sustainable development supplier selection criteria and sub-contractor coaching, awareness and training programmes. Involving our PARTNERS in fulfilling our commitments Playing a key role in local development initiatives designed to involve all members of the community. Partnering with the COMMUNITY by being a responsible actor and a good citizen

  4. Geodis’ commitment to sustainable development Vehicles CO2 Multimodaltransport Employees Buildings Citizenship Procurement

  5. CO2 Our Objectives Our Actions

  6. Other 0,7% Sea (international) 2% Sea 2,4% Sea (domestic) 0,4% Energy 45% Road 17,1% Transport 23% Others sectors Industry & Construction 12% 19% Train 0,5% Air (international) 1,5% Air 2,7% Air (domestic) 1,2% CO2 - Our ObjectivesReducing CO2 emissions – a major challenge • FREIGHT • 7% • PASSENGERS • 10% CO2 – World emissions Source : Energy International Agency 2005 75% of goods transport by road is done on distances shorter than 150km (131 km average distance)

  7. CO2 - Our ObjectivesReducing CO2 emissions – a major challenge • Environment • Transport is the one of the most contributive sector to greenhouse gases • Customers • An economic optimization but also an environmental optimization is customers ‘ main request • Economy • Reducing CO2 emissions relies mainly on savings in energy and fuel consumptions • Regulatory • Compulsory CO2 emissions display in France as from 2011 for goods transport • Compulsory Carbon footprint (“Bilan carbone ®”) for all companies of more than 500 employees in France as from 2011 • Carbon tax as for July 2010 in France (project) • Integration of new activities (air transport) into the European Trading Scheme (2011)

  8. CO2 - Our Actions Our Objectives Our Actions

  9. CO2 CO2 Air/Sea Companies Departure Port / Airport Arrival Port / Airport Transport Transport Warehouse Warehouse CO2 Transport Transport End customer CO2 CO2 Supplier CO2 - Our Actions CO2 BUILDINGS 1. Measure 2. Analyse 3. Act 4. Reduce CO2 TRANSPORT

  10. 13,000 tons CO2 avoided within 3 years - 5% CO2 reduction by end 2010 CO2 - Our Actions • Measurement • Geodis participates in the consultations conducted by the French OEET (Energy and Environment for Transport Monitoring) • Geodis Calberson is a pilot company for developing methods to calculate the CO2 emissions for Groupage and Express • Geodis BM and Geodis Wilson have develop a methodology to calculate the CO2 emissions for road, train, air and sea mode • Geodis has conducted on 5 sites an assessment of the carbon emissions (carbon footprint – French Bilan Carbone ® methodology) • Reduction • Geodis* has signed in 2008 the Charter of voluntary commitments for the reduction of CO2 emissions in road freight transport initiated by the French government with support from the Ademe (French agency for environment and energy) * Charter perimeter : all areas served by Geodis BM in France and three areas where Geodis Calberson operates(the West region, the Touraine-Anjou region and the Poitiers depot)

  11. CO2 - Our Actions • Inform • In 2009, Geodis contributed to the « Supply chain report » published by the Carbon Disclosure Project by answering the questionnaire on risks and opportunities related to climate change, GHG emissions and actions conducted to reduce them. • 2009 Sustainable Development Report • Geodis is progressively deploying a monitoring on CO2 emissions for its customers

  12. Vehicles Our Objectives Our Actions

  13. Vehicles - Our Objectives • Optimize vehicle fleet management to reduce pollutants emissions • Train drivers to ecological driving

  14. Vehicles Our Objectives Our Actions

  15. -1,5 liter/100 km 48% Goal for Geodis BM for average fuel consumption by 2010 Of Group-owned vehicles complied with the Euro IV In 2009 100% of drivers trained to ecological driving at Geodis BM Vehicles - Our Actions • Upgrading the vehicle fleet • Four-year renewal cycle • 2010 objective: 100% of vehicles to meet the Euro V standard • Reducing vehicle fuel consumption • Restricting engines to 82 km/h instead of 90 km/h • Testing new fuels (eco-diesel and Excellium from Total) • Testing electric-diesel hybrid vehicles • « Green » vehicles • Testing or using of electric, CNG or hybrid vehicles • Using electric vehicles for employees (Sweden) • Training drivers in « ecological driving » • Individual targets set for all drivers

  16. Multimodal Transport Our Objectives Our Actions

  17. Multimodal Transport – Our Objectives • Promote the use of multimodal transport • Rail • Combined rail-road transport • Rail motorways • Waterways • Air-Sea • A dual economic and environmental optimization

  18. Multimodal Transport – Our Objectives • An optimized solution for greater environmental benefits

  19. Multimodal transport Our Objectives Our Actions

  20. 45 M kms In combined tranport 38 900 t CO2 Saved from the 100% road transport Multimodal transport – Our Actions • 7 lines in Switzerland, France and Italy use combined road-rail transport and the rail motorways • Ecoway – Geodis BM Investment in semi-articulated lorries tailored to use the Alpine rail motorway (Rhône-Alpes/Italy route). Adapted for heavy goods (like metal, mechanical parts, paper, packaged liquids, large bulk recipients, …) • A dedicated multimodal Operations pool at the European level (BM Combi – Rouch Intermodal – Districhrono - Ermechem)

  21. Buildings Our Objectives Our Actions

  22. Buildings – Our Objectives • Develop environmental certifications • Improve environmental management at the sites

  23. Buildings Our Objectives Our Actions

  24. 159 sites More than 500 Sites worldwide Sites certified to ISO 14001 worldwide 64% Of non-hazardous waste recovered in Geodis Logistics France in 2009 Buildings – Our Actions • Implementation of ISO 14001 (environment) certification at the sites • Triple certification QSE (quality, safety, environment) • 55 Group sites already certified (Australia, Finland, France, UK and Sweden) • Collecting and sorting/recycling waste • Awareness program to develop green practices • Auditing to measure sites' performance on energy (electricity, gas) and water • Carbon footprint (French Bilan Carbone ® methodology) to measure the carbon footprint on 5 pilot sites

  25. Procurement Our Objectives Our Actions

  26. Procurement – Our Objectives • Promote sustainable procurement • Assess transport subcontractors • Work proactively with suppliers and subcontractors

  27. Procurement Our Objectives Our Actions

  28. 10 to 20% Of purchases of consumables are « green » products 56 t of CO2 Potential savings thanks to the use of train instead of place for business trips Procurement – Our Actions • Integration of sustainable development criteria in selection process • Environmental assessment of main subcontractors (air, sea and road) and main suppliers (products and services)

  29. Citizenship Our Objectives Our Actions

  30. Citizenship – Our Objectives • Encourage responsible conduct in the daily operations and promote respect for our stakeholders • Promote dialogue with the Group’s stakeholders • Act for the community by encouraging local initiatives and local partnerships

  31. Citizenship Our Objectives Our Actions

  32. Citizenship – Our Actions • 2003: Members of the UN Global Compact • 2007: Creation of the Geodis Foundation • 2008: Agreement with the French Defence Ministry to create employment for former soldiers • 2009: Diversity Agreement • 2010: Geodis Code of ethics

  33. Citizenship – Our Actions • The Geodis Foundation • Its ambition: encouraging a spirit of entrepreneurship and initiative among the disabled. • Solidarity • Geodis employees lead many local initiatives and conduct partnerships. In Bangladesh and elsewhere, Geodis assists local communities after cyclones or floods by providing human and material aid to disaster victims.

  34. Citizenship – Our Actions Retour

  35. Employees Our Objectives Our Actions

  36. Employees – Our ambitions • Instill responsibility and awareness regarding sustainable development • Develop skills and maintain employability • Improve employee safety by reducing work accidents • Measure and increase employee satisfaction

  37. Employees Our Objectives Our Actions

  38. - 4% 8,33h /year/employee de formation chez Geodis Calberson Less in traffic accidents compared to 2009 88% Of employees satisfied in Ireland (Geodis Logistics -2010) Employees – Our Actions • Diversity • Agreement in Geodis Calberson France • Training • Job Centre on the Group Intranet • Training on health and safety risks • Awareness programs • Safety competitions • Blue Attitude Trophy to reward the best practices in sustainable development.