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Sharp Energy Solution Europe (SESE)

Removing Barriers for Growth. 29th March 2011 , Hyatt Regency Kiev. Sharp Energy Solution Europe (SESE). Sharp Energy Solution Europe (SESE). Shaping the future with innovations. Founded in 1912 Sharp founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, opened a metalworking plant in Tokyo, producing belt buckles .

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Sharp Energy Solution Europe (SESE)

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  1. Removing Barriers for Growth 29th March 2011, Hyatt Regency Kiev Sharp Energy Solution Europe (SESE) Sharp Energy Solution Europe (SESE)

  2. Shaping the future with innovations Founded in 1912 Sharp founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, opened a metalworking plant in Tokyo, producing belt buckles. 1915 The Ever Sharp Pencil Tokuji Hayakawa invents the world's first mechanical pencil, named "Ever-Sharp Pencil", giving rise to the company name. 1959 Development of the first Sharp solar cells Series production of solar cells and silicon photovoltaic elements since 1963 Company philosophy "Make Products that others want to imitate"

  3. Employees and figures: fiscal year 2009(Year ended March 2010) Global employees 53.999 Net turnover 22.097.800.000 Euro* 2.755.948.000.000 Yen Net earnings 35.256.100 Euro* 4.397.000.000 Yen Research and development 1.335.090.000 Euro* 166.507.000.000 Yen Sharp Corporation President Mikio Katayama *Based on an exchange rate of 1€ =124.68 Yen for March 31, 2010

  4. International business figures

  5. Solar Systems LCD-TV Green Products Document Solution Systems Mobile Phones Devices SME Management Strategy „One-of-a-kind“ management strategy

  6. A company in harmony with the environment Building on our consistent environmental strategy • we promote environmental awareness throughout our group • we develop high-value environmentally friendly technologies and products • we reduce the ecological footprint of our factories • we improve our logistics and packaging • we aim for active observance of legal regulations • we keep our customers and partners informed about ecological topics

  7. Branches, factories and laboratories

  8. Market development Europe/worldwide Development PV Market • Europe is the leading photovoltaic market • In the last few years, the PV Industry has experienced a strong growth, which is expected to continue. In 2009, the global cumulative capacity was approaching 23 GW. With almost 16 GW, over 70% of the global cumulative PV is installed in Europe (Source: EPIA 2010) • Besides Germany, Italy and France, increasing markets are also UK and BeNeLux • Next to Europe, Japan and USA are growing very strongly (USA 2009: 484 MW, Japan 2009: 477 MW newly installed) Source: EPIA 2010

  9. The European perspective The SET Plan • EU PV Industry: Target of max. 12% PV electricity share by 2020 what it is about: a study prepared on the request of the EU commission “scenario for PV e-share until 2020” 4%, 6% and 12% scenario 130 GW, 195 GW, 390 GW (155, 182, 235 billion € allocation cost) 1) Assumes 1,200 TWh p.a. per GWp 2) Based on installed based 2007: 4,5 GWp http://ec.europa.eu/energy/res/setplan/communication_2006_en.htm

  10. ~ ~ ~ 50 years Sharp Solar Cumulative Production: > 3 GW Thin-film silicon “see-through” solar cells 3 GW 28 years TF history since 75 2.0GW Residential 1.5GW Satellites Lighthouses 1.0GW Start R&D (Photo: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA]) 0.5GW 0 1981 1959 1966 1976 2004 2005 2006 2007 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2008

  11. Yao (Osaka) PV Modules Yaita (Tochigi) PV Modules SUKM Wrexham, since 2004 220 MW PV Modules 3 Sun , 160MW Thinfilm JV with Enel/STM, E/2011 Worldwide production locations Total production capacity 2010: 870 MW Katsuragi (Nara) 710 MW PV Cells, PV Modules Sicily - SAKAI SMCA Memphis 80 MW PV Modules Sakai (Osaka) 160 MW Thin-Film-Modules

  12. Modules for all purposes Monocrystalline Polycrystalline Thin Film Sharp photovoltaic technologies • Sharp offers mono and polycrystalline solar cells, as well as thin film modules • All Sharp PV modules are resistant to external influences such as high snowfall or wind

  13. References Project Business Wange I, Rodenäs Solarpark Rodenäs GmbH, 3.300 kWp Sharp polykristallin ND-162 Solarpark Rodenäs I + II, Rodenäs 2.600 kWp Sharp monokristallin NU-180E1 Europe's biggest vertical pv installation The CIS Service Tower, with 122 meters Manchester’s highest building, is clad on three sides with solar modules 5,000 Sharp 80 Watt modules are in operation Solar energy modules with a total output of 391 kilowatts are installed on an area of 3,200 square meters FZL Coatings GmbH in Crossen AEP Energie Consult GmbH, 300kWp Sharp mikroamorph NA-F121

  14. Conclusion • Ukraine offers better natural conditions for solar energy use than Germany, especially in the Southern regions along the coastlines of the Black Sea & Sea of Asov Source: JRC PV GIS, http://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvgis/ (2011)

  15. Conclusion • photovoltaic young market here, but Ukraine has high potential for the use of PV • Excellent environmental conditions for PV in Ukraine • PV helps to reduce dependence on conventional sources, depends to decrease Energy • imports from Russia. • If the Green tariffs are promoted well it attracts foreign investors • PV investments into systems are independent from econonmical cycles, because of • legally fixed tariffs via FIT and low added costs for end users by re-allocation per each • single kWh • PV FIT will push Ukraine development of the local industry and creates jobs • The more PV markets, the more production, the faster cost decrease • We are in a transition phase of the total energy system – THIS IS NOT FOR FREE! • We are all responsible!

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