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Alexander Hortilano Michael Sese

Alexander Hortilano Michael Sese. @Twitter.

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Alexander Hortilano Michael Sese

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  1. Alexander Hortilano Michael Sese
  2. @Twitter A social networking platform that allows people from all over the world to share their thoughts and experiences with others, without requiring users to spend a dime. Tweeters, who are devoted users of Twitter's services, are challenged to express their remarks in the form of succinct "tweets," or Twitter updates. People use Twitter for many reasons, including to stay connected with family members or friends, to access breaking news updates, to gain readership for website content, and to do business online.
  3. @Twitter It is fast becoming a leading online community as well as a powerful social marketing tool. The beauty of Twitter lies in its simplicity. Compared to other community-oriented web services like Facebook or other social media website, Twitter is streamlined, simple, and straightforward. This both contributes to and detracts from its usability.
  4. @Twitter_is #Easy to Join #Can be Anonymous #Easy to Use #Can be Automated #Is a Democracy
  5. @easytojoin #ADVANTAGE It takes less than a minute to create an account with Twitterand start “tweeting.” The rules of the game are pretty straightforward. Registration is instant, and there is no need to follow up with a confirmation email.
  6. @easytojoin #DISADVANTAGE because Twitter is so easy to join, virtually everyone has a Twitteraccount, so their server tends to get overloaded easily. It’s not uncommon to have trouble connecting to Twitter’ssite.
  7. @canbeAnonymous #ADVANTAGE Unlike Facebook, which insists that you use your “real name” (while doing a debatable job monitoring whether or not you actually do so), Twitter allows you to choose any available user name you’d like—creative or otherwise. You can fill out a profile at your discretion, without the mandate to share personal information.
  8. @canbeAnonymous #DISADVANTAGE You may not have any idea who is really following you.
  9. @easytouse #ADVANTAGE Twitterlimits its updates to 140 characters, so there’s no need (or temptation) to launch into long-winded prose or to over-explain your thought. There is only one main screen, so you never have to search around for what you’re looking for..
  10. @easytouse #DISADVANTAGE Because Twitter is so simple, there is little sophistication to the presentation. Your profile is lean and mean. You can only have one photo attached to your profile at a time, and little detailed information about yourself. It’s not a great way for people to get to know you, unless you are very good at expressing yourself in 140 characters or less..
  11. @canbeAutomated #ADVANTAGE With the use of such third-party services as HootSuite, you can set your tweets to update automatically without having to log in on a regular basis. This allows you to keep an active Twitter presence with very little effort.
  12. @canbeAutomated #DISADVANTAGE You can’t count on the timely integrity of other tweeters’ information either. As far as you know, a robot wrote their tweet.
  13. @IsADemocracy #ADVANTAGE You can follow anyone on Twitter, and anyone can follow you. Although there is an option to block someone from following you, unlike with Facebook, you don’t have to actively accept someone’s friendship in order for them to see your updates. It’s easy to accumulate followers passively, and common for strangers to follow your feed.
  14. @IsADemocracy #DISADVANTAGE Without the advantage of selectively specifying your target audience, your message is in danger of being diluted among the masses. Chances are that most of the people who follow you on Twitter aren’t really paying attention to what you have to say.
  15. For Business
  16. @Twitter 10 Reasons Why Business should use Twitter Connecting with customers: you will be able to connect your business with your customers because themselves are using twitter. 2. Branding: don’t have to be a big brand on twitter. Your business can be a average Joe and be a big brand on twitter. 3. Customer feedback: on twitter, when you connect to your customers for sure your business will get feedback on how you can improve your product, service, and even your customer service. 4. Marketing: one of the main reason to use twitter, you get to market your products and services to more people and the best part about it is its FREE! 5. News: let your customer in on the latest updates about your company by tweeting.
  17. @Twitter 10 Reasons Why Business should use Twitter 6. Give away coupon codes and promotions: you can tweet about new deals, coupons codes to give your company the extra boost. 7. Twitter is Viral: when your tweets spread like wild fire in twitter, you have succeeded in making it viral. 8. Spying on competition: you can spy on your competition via your customers. Learn from their complaints and take advantage if your competitors does not take any actions. 9. Increase Sales: twitter helps business to increase sales and make profit. 10. Brand loyalty: at the end of the day, once you engaged, helped your customers on twitter. They will be loyal to your brand for a long time. This will be talked more in the future post.
  18. #Twitter_Fail Companies Cope With Twitter Imposters Twitter users have caused an uproar by impersonating celebrities on the popular micro-blogging service. Businesses, too, are targets of fake Twitter profiles -- sometimes from competitors. Exxon Mobil Corp. has found at least two unauthorized Twitter accounts under variations of its name. Twitter -- a networking service where users create profiles and send out short messages, or "tweets" to their followers -- terminated one of the profiles last summer. An Exxon spokesman says the oil company is considering what to do about the second profile, which it discovered several weeks ago. The profiles didn't appear to contain malicious content.
  19. #Twitter_Fail Twitter: Hashtags Hijack McDonald's Twitter campaign blew up in its face when its #McDStorieshashtag got hijacked McDonald's learned first hand that you can't control hashtags. If the masses choose to, they can hijack a hashtag any time they want. That's what happened with the brand's #McDStorieshashtag. Put out there along with its #MeetTheFarmershashtag, McDonald's meant to promote the quality of its suppliers. Well, that didn't work at all. People used the hashtag to tell the entirely wrong types of stories that McDonald's wanted.
  20. #Twitter_Fail Twitter: Internal Misuse Vodafone gave itself a PR headache after an employee sent out an obscene, homophobic tweet from its official account. Vodafone's followers were shocked to see an obscene tweet in their stream from the brand's official account. The company received hundreds of complaints immediately and the media picked it up. Vodafone quickly had a crisis to manage. The initial assumption was that the brand's account got hacked, but it turns out that the tweet was sent out by one of its own staff. Whatever Vodafone's checks are regarded account access, they weren't enough, but at least it was transparent about what happened. The employee was later suspended.
  21. #Twitter_Fail Twitter: Insensitive tweet Kenneth Cole sparked a big PR crisis with a single insensitive tweet with the #Cairo hashtag. Kenneth Cole's Twitter mishap actually came from the man himself. He tweeted an insensitive joke about the revolution in Egypt with the #Cairo hashtag (that was trending at the time). People weren't amused, and the Twitterverse spent the rest of the day railing on Cole and his brand. He later deleted the tweet and apologized. Humor can be a great tool for marketers to connect with their audience, but when a joke doesn't stick, it's easy to get burned.
  22. #Twitter_Fail Twitter: Errant tweet Chrysler accidentally dropped an F-bomb to thousands of followers. Whoever was running Chrysler's official Twitter account made a big mistake when they tweeted out a snarky driving rant complete with an F-bomb to its followers. The person behind the tweet worked for Chrysler's agency, New Media Strategies, and was promptly canned. Chrysler later apologized for the errant tweet. Later, Chrysler announced that it wouldn't be renewing New Media Strategies' contract.
  23. #Twitter_Fail Twitter: Criticism via hashtag RIM had a squad of cartoon characters that was "intended to be a bit of fun," then the criticism spiraled out of control A quartet of cartoon characters released by RIM was meant as a fun graphic, but ended up putting the company up for widespread ridicule. People took to Twitter and used the #BeBoldhashtag to rail on RIM, and it got out of control quickly. The anti-RIM tweets were mostly limited to management criticism and sarcastic Blackberry jokes.
  24. #Twitter_Fail Twitter: Campaign backfire Qantas had its Twitter competition backfire because of terrible timing. Qantas fired up a seemingly innocent Twitter campaign featuring the hashtag #QantasLuxury, asking folks to share their tales of being pampered on the airline. But the timing couldn't have been worse. Qantas' entire fleet was grounded just a day earlier because of a labor dispute, and its customers were angry. They took the hashtag and railed on the company with a huge wave of snarky and sarcastic tweets. Qantas did its best to roll with the punches, making light of the situation and joking around.
  25. Thank You
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