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  1. ALEXANDER THE GREAT “I am persuaded that there is no nation, city or people then in being where his name did not reach; for which reason, whatever origin he might boast of, or claim to himself, there seems to me to have been some divine hand presiding over both his birth and his actions, inasmuch as no mortal on earth either excelled or equalled him.” - Alexander’s biographer Arrian

  2. ALEXANDER THE GREAT Alexander the Great was born c. 20thJuly 356 (his dad Philip had just won siege of Potidaea)

  3. Parentage Philip, King of Macedonia Olympias of Epirus The God Zeus? Alexander (one day to be called ‘the Great’) Born 356BC

  4. Alex was influenced by his mother Olympias, a princess of Epirus and ancestor of Achilles. She was a Dionysiac devotee and was said to be a dominant influence in his life, despite him never allowing her to interfere in state affairs. Olympias was also said to have a short temper and was cruel. Philip was often seen as the opposite to Olympias, the rational element in Alexander’s character. He was very passionate and a notorious drinker.

  5. Teachers and Heroes Leonidas, Lysimachus + the very famous philosopher Aristotle Achilles, the Greek Hero (ancestor through Olympias) Heracles [Hercules], the very strong demi-god, (ancestor through Philip)

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