realpresence group series backplanes and line drawings n.
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RealPresence Group Series backplanes and line drawings PowerPoint Presentation
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RealPresence Group Series backplanes and line drawings

RealPresence Group Series backplanes and line drawings

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RealPresence Group Series backplanes and line drawings

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  1. RealPresence Group Series backplanes and line drawings

  2. RealPresence Group microphone array (MACO)

  3. RealPresence Group remote control

  4. EagleEye Acoustic camera • 6’ cable included • No way to extend it so the use case of huddle/SOHO office is limited to that distance from the codec. • FAQ attached

  5. RealPresence Group 300/500 backplane RealPresence Group 300 HDCI camera input Supports audio from EagleEye Acoustic YPbPr & TDMS digital Monitor #1 output HDMI w/ audio or DVI 1G LAN CLink 2 audio input 2 devices maximum 2 USB 2.1 Serial interface 8-pin DIN Power Supply input HDMI video and audio TDMS digital / VGA video #2 input Monitor #2 output HDMI or DVI 3.5mm audio input Line level Main audio output 3.5mm RealPresence Group 500 IR receiver in front of case and on HDCI input

  6. RealPresence Group 300 Dimensions

  7. RealPresence Group 500 Dimensions

  8. RealPresence Group 300/500 Power supply

  9. RealPresence Group 700 backplane Serial interface (DB9f) VGA input 2 x CLink 2 Total of 3 devices HDCI input Supports audio from EagleEye Acoustic YPbPr & TDMS digital Input #2 also supports VGA Monitor outputs #1-3 3 is content only HDMI with Audio YPbPr or RGB Audio input Stereo RCA line level Associated with input 4 Not active Audio input Stereo RCA line level Power interface 2 * USB 3.0 HDMI input With audio Audio output Stereo RCA line level Video input Composite or Component 1Gig LAN Host & Slave 3.5mm audio input Line level Associated with input #3 Grounding connection At 1st release USB will not be active IR receiver in front of case and on HDCI inputs #1 & 2

  10. RealPresence Group 700 power states • Notes: • Retained Power State is ‘ON’ if the A/C power was previously removed when the codec was NOT in the “OFF State”. Otherwise, Retained Power State is ‘OFF’. • Codec Option allows the IR Remote’s Hang‐Up Button to be set for ‘Off’, or ‘Sleep’ functions • Codec Option allows the Monitors to drive ‘Black’ or ‘No Signal’ when in the ‘Sleep State’ • Codec Option to set elapsed time before entering ‘Sleep State’ • Camera’s IR detector is only active when the camera is powered either by codec, or w/ external adapter

  11. RealPresence Group 700 line drawing

  12. EagleEye IV standard configuration

  13. EagleEye IV wide angle lens configuration

  14. EagleEye IV camera Options • RealPresence Group Series bundles shipping • Korea and Russia now due 7/1/2014, dependent on regulatory approvals. • Standalone EagleEye IV camera • 12x (8200-64350-001) • 4x (8200-64370-001) • Cables, shipping schedule follows bundles: • HDCI on the codec side, mini-HDCI on the camera side, see photo • 3m cable, standard ships with all EagleEye IV cameras – (2457-64356-001) • 1m cable – (2457-64356-100) • EagleEye Digital Extender – (2215-64200-001) • Wide angle lens – (for 4x 2200-64390-002, for 12x 2200-64390-001) • This lens causes artifacts at the edges when zoomed all the way out. Thus priced low • ‘Eye Patch’ for secure installations – (2215-28454-002) • Mounting shelf – (2215-24143-001, current shelf) • Update will be forth coming to allow the EagleEye IV to be mounted in all configurations, and include consideration for mounting the EagleEye Digital Extender

  15. Polycom EagleEye Digital Extender • Polycom branded adaptor will allow EagleEye IV (4x & 12x) to connect via HDCI • Adaptor boosts signal allowing camera to be extended over CAT 6a to lengths up to 100m / 330 ft (1080p), cat 5e for shorter runs to be accepted • Loops limited, see installation guides • Solid conductor cable, not stranded/patch cord • Flexibility for integrators • Ease of ordering for customers • Power cord ordered separately or provided by customer • Based on HDBaseT technology • Additional information on HD BaseT Cat 6a up to 100m Not to scale

  16. Cable detail for EagleEye Digital Extender • Polycom strongly recommend customer to use high quality Shielded, solid conductor CAT6A variety (F/UTP) cable or a qualified HDBaseT cable( for optimal performance. • Use the shortest patch cable that is reasonable – don’t use a 5 meter when you only need a 1 or 2 meter. This minimizes the amount of extra wire to dress properly • On excess cable – do not coil it up or bowtie it. Let it drape and/or run straight and make gentle bends when appropriate • Minimize coupling to other cables (even itself). Want to avoid laying it next to AC cords, other Ethernet Cords, HDMI, etc. (This is where shielded CAT6A could be used without this being an issue). • Avoid using zip ties to bundle or secure the cable in anyway – especially CAT 6A. Use Velcro ties when necessary. • Indicate that solid wire is preferred for any distance beyond 10 meters (that is total distance) Stranded wire (except for short patch cables) must be avoided. Even for patch cables, solid wire would be better.

  17. EagleEye Digital Extender line drawing

  18. RealPresence Group 300/500 mounting hardware 2215-65169-001: Mounting bracket for RealPresence Group 300 & 500.  Allows EagleEye camera and codec to be mounted together.  Recommends use of 2215-24143-001 mounting bracket for wall/display mounting.

  19. 1u mounting shelf for the RealPresence Group 300/500 codecs • 2215-06177-001 • LDSC:  Shelf for mounting the RealPresence Group 300 & 500 series codecs.  This is a black 1u shelf for 19" racks which will hold the codec in position with a secure mounting system.  1u (1.75 inches) x 17.5” (without ears, 19” with) x 9.8” deep.  Shelf only.

  20. RealPresence Group Series mounting solutions • U or Sandwich mounting • 2215-65169-001, current price list • 1u shelf • 2215-06177-001, September price list • Retrofit “L” bracket for CP options • Only as part of a CP solution, for converting existing HDX Media Center and HDX Executive Collection to use a RealPresence Group Series codec • 3RD party behind the monitor mount • KCG POLYCOM GROUP SERIES MOUNT •, 717.549.3600 • Updated StereoSurround kit • Universal subwoofer update for WW energy requirements, one sub with 2 different fuses (120v or 240v) • 2200-65878-001, August price list

  21. 42” RealPresence Group Series Media Centers Available only as dual screen

  22. 55” RealPresence Group Series Media Centers Available as single & dual screen

  23. 65” RealPresence Group Series Media Centers

  24. 65” RealPresence Group Series Media Centers Dual does not support mobility – casters.

  25. 84” RealPresence Group Series Media Centers Available as single and dual screen These dimensions only for single screen. Dual screen uses 2 of these side-by-side, 2nd does not have a camera. Camera can be mounted above either of them, but with the codec.

  26. Lower Camera Mount (LCM) viewing heights With slides With casters

  27. See this web link for DXF and PDF of all the Group Video products: http://planetpolycom/sites/sales/VSG/VSG%20Dimensional%20Drawings/Forms/AllItems.aspx