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4 th Grade Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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4 th Grade Curriculum Night

4 th Grade Curriculum Night

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4 th Grade Curriculum Night

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  1. 4th Grade Curriculum Night Presented by: Mrs. Bordelon Cerritos, A Leadership Academy Write your child a note on the Monopoly paper You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes, You can steer yourself, any direction you choose. Dr. Seuss

  2. Our School Needs Volunteers The PTO is looking for several volunteers to help out during the school year. Please take a moment on your way out to sign up and volunteer for one of the many events our school holds. We are still in need for a Winter Party volunteer Like us on Facebook: Cerritos, A Leadership Academy

  3. Meet Mrs. Bordelon • Born and raised in Chagrin Falls, Ohio • Bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) • Masters Degree in Curriculum and Design from University of Phoenix • National Board Certified Teacher • Married with two boys and a dog • Have taught at Cerritos for 14 years • Taught in Tucson before moving to Phoenix

  4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… • Birthdays: No birthday treats please. • Dress Code: No open backs or spaghetti straps • Snacks: Every day at 12:30 or 1:00. Limit to one snack please. Students are encouraged to bring water to school. • Transportation Changes: Please send a note, or call the office if the change needs to be made during the school day. • Lunch Money: Pay online or send money in an envelope to school. Please put your child’s name and the amount of money on the envelope.

  5. Classroom Schedule • Lunch/Recess will be daily from 10:20-11:00. Starting Monday we’ll have recess from 10:20-10:40, then we’ll eat from 10:40-11:00. • Uninterrupted Times are: Math: 8:00-9:30 Language Arts: 12:30-20:30 (M, T, TH, F) 11:00-12:25 (W) • Our Class Schedule is as follows: Monday: Music with Mrs. Attanucci Tuesday: Art with Ms. Rogers Wednesday: P.E. with Mrs. Martin Thursday: Computer Lab(Library books will be due on Thursday) Friday: Library with Mrs. Nordahl

  6. Classroom Management • Positive Reinforcement will be used on a daily basis. • Working towards goals • Table Points/Marble Jar • 7 Habits language and leadership will be used • Everyone is a leader in something! • Guiding the children to feel and be successful!

  7. Contacting Mrs. Bordelon • Email: (Best Way) • By phone: 480-541-2365 • Friday Letter/Note through email when needed • Class Website –

  8. Reflecting and Communicating • Check your child’s agenda and binder every night. Please sign their agenda, which lets me know that you’re checking their daily assignments. • In their binder will be a daily/weekly reflection paper that students will fill out. • They will reflect on their day, whether it be good or bad, and they may choose to discuss this with you at home.

  9. Reading • We will be working to create a balanced literacy environment. • We will focus on reading expository, narrative, and persuasive text, and poetry. • We will also be focusing on all genres of literature, and comprehension of the different genres. • Independent work will include: literature response journals, published articles, grammar activities, silent reading, spelling, phonics and vocabulary activities. • Group work will include: Paired reading, reading groups, and literature studies. • Points for Pages: Students will read books each month and respond to literature questions for a total of 10 points per month.

  10. Writing • Grammar – Students will have daily practice in applying their knowledge of language skills. • Writer’s Notebooks –This is a place for students to do some personal writing, write poetry, rough drafts, create lists, etc.. This is a place for seed ideas, connections, and crafting techniques. • Writer’s Workshop Everywhere- Writing will not just be done during writing time, but all of the time. We will work on different writing concepts and genres, and we will focus on writing skills through the common core standards. • Conventions Tests- See next slide

  11. Conventions/Spelling • Dictation sentences will be given for spelling. • Spelling words will focus on a particular phonics skill. • Basic sight words will also be used in the sentences, and students will be expected to use them properly. • Old spelling words may be used on future tests to help promote learning rather than memorizing. • This practice will be used because it relates to the 4th grade writing standards and will promote a focus on proper sentence formation with spelling imbedded in sentences rather then memorizing a list of words.

  12. The Power of Math • Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley focuses on developing students’ conceptual understanding and skills with lessons based on encouraging critical thinking. • Investigations will be used to help students understand fundamental math concepts with a focus on mathematical thinking and reasoning. • Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) will promote problem solving by developing students’ mathematical thinking. • Math facts are critical!!! (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) Please encourage practice! • We will be learning all areas of the 4th grade common core including place value, number theory, number connections, long division, problem solving, multi-step multiplication, geometry, algebraic concepts, fractions, etc.

  13. Science, Social Studies, and Technology • Science concepts: Scientific Method, Water and Weather Cycle, Electricity, Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources, and Animal Classification and Adaptation. Social Studies concepts: ARIZONA! • Technology: Microsoft (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher), Frames, Share, Pixie, SMARTBoard, Use of laptops, and applying for iPads in the classroom through Kyrene Teach with Technology Program.

  14. Homework or Home Practice • Homework will be assigned nightly, or there will be something for the students to work on nightly. • Read nightly for 20-30 minutes (or more) for PFP. • The homework must be turned in the next morning, and I will check for completion, and then we will go over it as a class. • Homework will not count as a part of a “grade,” but will be reflected on the behavior section of their report card. • The students will write the homework in their agendas each night, and the agendas need to be checked/signed each night by you. • Students are responsible for completing their homework. It is not intended to be homework for you.

  15. What Does the Data Say? • Each student in the class will have a data passport, and reflect in their passport on a daily/weekly basis. • SMART Goals will be created by the students • Students will set academic goals, as well as personal goals. • Fall and Spring Conferences will be student led, and this is a time where you will get to see your child’s progress and listen to them as they reflect on their data.

  16. The Year of Letter Grades • Letter grades will be assigned this year for each subject, and each subject will also include a behavior grade (P, D, AC) • Grades will be updated on the Parent Portal on the Kyrene Website. The students will also have access to their grades, so that they can be responsible to look. To go on the website, you need a code from our technology department. I do not have those for you, nor does Cerritos. You’ll need to contact the DO. • Grades will be updated on a regular basis, and I would recommend checking your child’s grades on Monday, but I do update throughout the week, especially after an assessment.

  17. A Little Classroom Housekeeping • Don’t forget to sign up for Listserv • You all should have received the Friday Letter via email. If you didn’t please email me with the your preferred email address so I know where to send the Friday letter. • A copy of this presentation will be put on my web site, so that you can read it, or share it with someone that may not have been able to make it. • Add the nurse’s phone number and the front office to your phones, so you have them all of the time. Office-541-2200 Nurse- 541-2220 (and so that if you get a call it will display as Cerritos nurse or office).

  18. Thank you for Attending! Always stay positive!