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Digital Marketing case study: Graduate Programme PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing case study: Graduate Programme

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Digital Marketing case study: Graduate Programme

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Digital Marketing case study: Graduate Programme

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  1. Digital Marketing case study: Graduate Programme 2019

  2. Digital marketing case study Video marketing 1. Give us a vision and roadmap of how we can start using videos more often, on more channels and more efficiently. We need a video marketing strategy that will make us stand out from other South African leading brands. Rugby World Cup: tactical marketing 2. Even though we’re not a Rugby World Cup sponsor, we would like to leverage the attention around this tournament to generate awareness, on social media, for our own brands, and possibly drive leads. Present ideas, concepts and executions that could enable this.

  3. Video Marketing – some points to shape thinking • How can Discovery use video advertising to create awareness, increase engagement, or educate clients on products and generate leads for financial services, especially car/life insurance? • Should we have specific tactics for paid advertising – or can we just re-use videos produced for our website pages/content? • How do repurpose television ads to reuse on digital? What should be consider in a digital–specific execution? Consider software that we, as marketers, could use to edit our own videos? • How can do we personalise videos in bulk and scale this? • Show us the full client journey, during which a client will interact with a video? • There are standard metrics for measuring video, tell us if we should be doing anything differently. • Shows us brands that have excellent video marketing strategies.

  4. Rugby World Cup tactical marketing – some points to shape thinking • Consider tactics before, during and after the tournament. • How would you leverage off the Springboks participation in evoking a sense of nation building and positivity even though we do not sponsor the team. • What would be your strategy should the Springboks not perform or make it past the pool stages? • During live events: how should we manage the unpredictability of the outcome as well as for events during each match. • How would you differentiate our tactics for Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram vs Snapchat (include all social media platforms you think are relevant here). • How do we leverage Twitter TV targeting, Instagram TV and Snap Lifestyle categories most effectively . • Consider how we should approach specific ad formats such as Instagram carousels. • Show us other brands who’ve done a remarkable job of garnering awareness for their own brand by leveraging the attention focused on big sporting events.

  5. Definitions Leads: when someone arrives at our website (usually after clicking on a digital ad) and completes a lead form with their contact information. This lead is automatically submitted to our call centre, a consultant will call the client back and try to close a sale. Create awareness: as part of the digital marketing mix, we run campaigns that meant to create awareness of our brand, not necessarily to generate leads. This can be measured in different ways, see more info here Standard metrics for measuring video marketing: Personalise videos in bulk: here we want a male in his 40s to see a different video marketing ad than a male in his 20s. See more: