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TEAM 702

TEAM 702 . Math Mrs. Downs. textbooks. Big Ideas Math Regular 7 th grade math uses the RED book Advanced 7 th grade math uses the BLUE book Students are responsible for keeping their books covered at all times. Covering textbooks.

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TEAM 702

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  1. TEAM 702 Math Mrs. Downs

  2. textbooks • Big Ideas Math • Regular 7th grade math uses the RED book • Advanced 7th grade math uses the BLUE book • Students are responsible for keeping their books covered at all times.

  3. Covering textbooks • Please check periodically that your child’s book remains covered with the paper bag and duct tape. This method has worked the best in helping maintain the books and limit fines issued to students for book damage. THANK YOU !!

  4. Journal • A journal is provided for your child. • Because the journal is a paperback book, please provide your child with a 3-ring binder to help protect it.

  5. Online resources • Big Ideas Math website provides: • Online textbook • Online tutorials • Online practice tests and quizzes No password or username needed. Just go to: www.bigideasmath.com

  6. Using the Big Ideas website

  7. Use the home edition

  8. Choose your book

  9. Help with homework tab

  10. Lesson tutorials will re-teach a concept

  11. Progress checks offer practice quizzes

  12. Practice quizzes and tests are multiple choice and scored so you can monitor your progress

  13. Forgot how to do something? Use the Handbooks

  14. Materials needed for class everyday • Textbook and Journal • Pencil and eraser • Correcting pen • Notebook for notes • Paper supply for homework • Scientific calculator

  15. Homework • Daily assignments can be found in 4 places: • On the front board • On our team website at CMS in the agenda link • On my teacher website • On this screen at the time it is assigned To be successful in mathematics, it is essential that you practice. That is what homework is…practice. Just like in sports (or video games), the more you practice, the better you perform.

  16. Grading/correcting homework • Students grade their own work. • Some assignments include RANDOM ANSWERS. Students should check off the answers as they work through their assignment. • Students may make corrections to any homework assignment. Corrections MUST include all work needed to solve the problem. The GREEN correcting sheet is used for ALL homework corrections. FULL CREDIT is awarded for correctly re-done homework problems.

  17. Late work • Late work must be accompanied by a yellow late slip signed by a parent or guardian to receive credit. • Late work may or may not have points deducted depending on circumstances. • If you are absent due to illness or other excused reason, your work is NOT considered late. You generally have 2 school days to make up work missed during an excused absence.

  18. Absences • If you are absent, homework assignments can be found: • On the agenda on our team webpage at CMS website • On my teacher website at: http://teacherweb.com/MN/CentennialMiddleSchool/DownsE/apt2.aspx Students generally have 2 school days to make up work.

  19. After school help • I am available after school on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Please make an appointment to ensure I will be here. • Tues and Thurs I am in the weight room with an after school club . If that is the only day you can come for help, make an appointment and I can work with you there.

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