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Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

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Speech Recognition

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  1. SpeechRecognition Britt Schedin EDT 347 WMU

  2. SpeechRecognition • A speech recognition systems allow disabled children to use a computer by simply talking to it. This technology is as easy as talking through a microphone, and the words appear on the computer screen.

  3. There are two different types of systems that are commonly used • The first is a Discrete Speech System. This requires a require a short pause of approximately 1/10 of a second between the words used. These programs have been successfully used with many students who have speech difficulties. • The second system is known as the Continuous Speech Systems. The main difference between this and the Discrete Speech System is that with the Continuous system is that you can talk without pausing between words. However, the system does commonly have trouble understand the word. This is the most commonly used form of voice recognition available.

  4. When choosing a speech recognition system, think about the following: • There are hardware requirements for both the computer and microphone • The quality of the microphone will effect your computers ability to recognize your words; this may cause translation errors • The amount of time you have available to train the computer to your voice will effect the overall quality of the machine

  5. Additional information to consider when purchasing: There is a variety of software available at This website offers a wide selection on software, headsets, microphones, and tape recorders Prices on these products run anywhere from $150.00 to above $600.00

  6. Britt Anna Schedin • I am an early education student at Western Michigan University. • I have one brother and one sister. • My birthday is October 3rd. • My favorite color is pink.