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  1. Parts of Speech: The Building Blocks of Grammar PRE-TEST Pre-test

  2. Fill in the blanks on the next screen to see what we will be doing today. DO NOT shout out your answer. Raise your hand when you think you know the answer.

  3. __ __da__ w__ a__ e __ o __n __ __o __a__e __ p__ __te__t t__ s__e __o__ __ __ch y__u k__o__ __b__ut t__e __a__ __s __f __p__e__h.

  4. And the answer is… Today we are going to take a pretest to see how much you know about the parts of speech.

  5. And the best news is… If you get 100% on the pretest, you are excused from this grammar unit! You will automatically earn an A on it, and you will get to do silent reading during grammar time.

  6. Directions • Write your answers on your own sheet of paper. • Number your paper from 1 - 10. • Title your paper Parts of Speech Pretest.

  7. Parts of Speech Pretest Name the part of speech that is in bold and underlined for each sentence. 1. I bought a beautiful dress at the mall. 2. What did sheask you to do? 3. I left my shoes under the kitchen table. 4. If we finish our work quickly we can go to the movies. 5. On Saturdays I work from nine to five.

  8. 6. I want to go to a universityin the United States. 7. I'm sure I have met your girlfriend before. 8. Well, I don't think I will be here to answer the phone. 9. Andy knocked on the door butnobody answered. 10. After lunch let's go out for a coffee. (

  9. Now take out a different color writing utensil to grade your own answers.

  10. And the answers are… • adjective (beautiful describes the dress) • pronoun (she takes the place of a specific person) • preposition (under tells where the shoes are) • adverb (quickly describes how the work is done) • verb (work is the action she does) • noun (university is a place) • verb (met is an action done in the past) • interjection (well is an exclamation) • conjunction (but is a word that joins words together) • preposition (after tells when)

  11. Check for Understanding • Raise your hand if you can name the EIGHT parts of speech.

  12. The eight parts of speech are noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction (or coordinator) and interjection. 2. Why might it be important to learn the eight parts of speech?

  13. Next Steps

  14. Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing the parts of speech. We will have a post-test on the material, so you will need to take notes on grammar days so you can use your notes to study for the test. If you earned 100% today, you will automatically score 100% on the post-test and you will be required to read an SSR book during our grammar lessons.