environmental issues in latin america n.
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Environmental Issues in Latin America PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Issues in Latin America

Environmental Issues in Latin America

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Environmental Issues in Latin America

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  1. Environmental Issues in Latin America What is the impact of development and trade on the environment?

  2. What are VOCs? List 5 sources of air pollution in Mexico City. What solutions might be possible based on the data in the chart?

  3. Your Task • You will choose one issue environmental issue in Latin America. You will need to pick a side from a specific viewpoint (for example, a business owner, an environmentalist, the government, a logger, an oil company, an indigenous person, or any other credible viewpoint). Argue your position from the side you have chosen. If you chose to be an environmentalist, you would argue that oil pollution is bad and tell the environmental reasons why. If you were an owner of an oil company, you would argue that the pollution is not as bad and tell of the good things that happen because your company produces oil. • You will create a tri-fold brochure for your environmental issue that reflects your chosen viewpoint. Your brochure will be created on a computer.

  4. Brochure • Parts of the brochure • On the front: The stand (this is the statement that you will defend). It will be stated like this: • (environmental issue) is (good or bad ) because (category 1), (category 2), and (category 3). • you will fill in the blanks with your information. USE 3rd PERSON • Inside the brochure: the 3 categories, backed up with specific facts • A picture, a chart, and a graph that support your stand.

  5. Directions • Decide on an environmental issue in Latin America • research the issue and take lots of notes ( you can take them in ESPN format) • be sure to document your sources • categorize your notes – they will fall into 4 categories – ESPN • E- economic – anything to do with money, jobs, trade • S – social – groups of people - farmers, indigenous tribes, the elderly, urban dwellers, etc • P – political – government, laws and regulations, war, conflicts • N –eNvironmental – nature, climate, ecosystems, land, animals • Note – some facts could go in more than 1 category – put it where you think it fits best – you can always move it later. • You can even subdivide a category – if you have a lot of facts from a particular category, do they naturally divide themselves into 2 different categories? • What themes emerge from categorizing your facts? These are the 3 things you will use in your stand. • Write the stand. • Back it up with the facts. • Type up your brochure. Make sure it is in 3rd person – no I, you, we, our