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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

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  1. Chapter 9 Making Healthy Food Choices

  2. Section 1 Choosing Food Wiselyp. 220 -223 Why You Eat 3 reasons To meet your body’s nutritional need To satisfy your appetite To supply your body with energy

  3. Hunger vs. Appetite Hunger- a feeling of physical discomfort that is caused by your body’s need for nutrients Appetite- IS A DESIRE FOR FOOD THAT IS BASED ON EMOTIONS AND OTHER FACTORS RATHER THAN

  4. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) & Thermo-genesis BMR Thermo-genesis BMR is the rate at which you use energy when your body is at rest. (Thermo= heat) (genesis= creation) Which is a rise in your body temperature and a temporary way to increase the rate at which our body burn calories.

  5. How does exercise increase my BMR? Only regular and consistent exercise over time converts fat to muscle. Muscle burns more calories to stay alive, that's what speeds up your basal metabolic rate so that even your basic bodily functions utilize more energy.

  6. The Foods You Choose p. 221 Where, when, why, and how you eat foods depend on 5 basic factors. Personal Preference- what you like to eat; what tastes good to you Cultural Background- your heritage; what your family eats Time and Convenience- busy schedule (fast food) vs. more time (home cooked meals) Friends-friends influence your eating habits The Media- you are bombarded with food advertisements which influence your decisions

  7. Evaluating Food Choices When choosing foods it’s important to read and evaluate the information on the food nutrition label. Food Labels Nutrient and Health Claims 1. Required by FDA (Food and Drug administration) 2. Must list specific nutritional facts about the foods; calories; ingredients, nutrient content. 3. Summarize the chart on page 222 1.Nutrient claims are claims that a food contains a nutrient. 2. FDA regulates the claims that can be printed on a nutrition label. 3. Health claims are statements that link use of the food to certain health risks or benefits