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  1. ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics CAPMAS

  2. The 2006 population census in Egypt Data processing Prepared by Zeinab Gharib Ibrahim General director for IT Technical Affairs Luanda , Angola from 9 to 13 February 2009

  3. CONTENTS • Data Preparation Data Capture Data Editing Tabulation • Using GIS in Census Results

  4. EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing • Data Preparation • Reviewing and checking the data to correct mistakes. • Insure that ID on the cover of the questionnaire are the same for each household form inside. • Check unstated variables.

  5. EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing • Data Capture • Scanning • minimal physical storage requirements. • questionnaires are available on-line and can be displayed within seconds. • Using Images in Automatic Coding facilitate and accelerate work.

  6. EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing • Data Capture • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) • Reduces the data entry time. • Facilitate the correction process (Errors are identified using different colors) • Recognized data fields update the database in the appropriate form record. • Scanned forms are stored digitally (thus eliminating the need for physical storage of paper forms) • The system facilitating data analysis (It stores data in database) • Drop out color improves the accuracy of recognition

  7. EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing Factors considered to insure correct scanning • Quality of the Form • Reliable printing press, • Appropriate ink, • Careful consideration of the dropout color for the questionnaires, • Use paper heavier than 80 gm per square meter to reduce paper crashes. • Careful handling and filling of the ICR documents. • Each box should contain only one character, • Characters should not extend out side designated boxes, • Unnecessary lines of characters are prohibited. • insure that all the questionnaires are scanned completely, with no missing or duplication • quality assurance tests (should be performed on the recognition process to ensure that acceptable recognition rates are maintained)

  8. EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing Processing of the document Scanning Process • Use scanner and pc for control • Scanning both sides at the same time • Each document stored in two image files. Recognition Process • transferring image file into ASCI file using Intelligent Character Recognition ( ICR ) Verification Process • Verifying the incorrect images. 14

  9. EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing • Data Capture • CODING • Automatic coding is the process of selecting a code that matches the response given to a question. • Used automatic coding reduce time and achieve more accurate results. • Coding Using Images facilitate and accelerate work.

  10. EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing • Tabulation • Primary results of the 2006Census were published early in April 2007, three months after the conclusion of field work. Those results were issued in an aggregated and brief form . • Final resultsof the 2006Census published 16 months after the end of field work, include detailed demographic and population tables

  11. Evaluating Data Quality data and indicators derived were carefully studied to check their logic and consistency with indicators from other sources. Publishing the results Results were published in the following forms: Printed paper for EGYPT and for governorates. CD’s CAPMASinternet site WWW. misr- intra net (subscribers) for detailed data Digital maps EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing

  12. Data Warehouse Link between the three data censuses population data, building data and establishment data insure that the census building number the same in the three censuses data. EGYPT 2006 CENSUS Data Processing

  13. Using GIS in Documentation and Presentation Census Results • Due to using Data Ware House and having a huge of data, therefore • It required to save details maps to subscript census numbers to roads and buildings DWH GIS Data Census joned by maps

  14. The production of researchers maps to subscript census building numbers نموذج خريطة توضح الأرقام التعدادية للمبانى Printing 10000 maps represent the researchers labor regions. مجموعة العمل بالإدارة العامة نظم المعلومات الجغرافية

  15. Asyoute governorate

  16. Asyoute governorate First Province

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