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Fresh Water Aquarium Equipment

Fresh Water Aquarium Equipment. Aquarium. One gallon of water = 8.35 lbs 30 gallons of water = 250 lbs Weight of aquarium gravel = 45 lbs 30 gallon fish tank = 40 lbs Estimated filled 30 gal tank = 330 lbs. Aquarium.

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Fresh Water Aquarium Equipment

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  1. Fresh Water Aquarium Equipment

  2. Aquarium One gallon of water = 8.35 lbs 30 gallons of water = 250 lbs Weight of aquarium gravel = 45 lbs 30 gallon fish tank = 40 lbs Estimated filled 30 gal tank = 330 lbs

  3. Aquarium Against a wall for support but not in the sunlight or you get an algae explosion

  4. Aquarium Top Prevent fish from jumping to their death Support lights and pumps Prevent evaporation of water Make cleaning easier

  5. Gravel 30 gal x 1.5 lbs/gal = 45 lbs of gravel Different size and color of gravel 1 ½ - 2 inches of gravel on bottom of the tank

  6. Decorations Looks good to you/more natural Less stress for the fish/hiding places 50-75% decorated

  7. What Decorations can you put in? Rock, castles, logs, ceramics, seashells, toys, plants (plastic or real)

  8. Anything? NO! Only things made for aquariums; rock and stuff outside might have chemicals in it to leak into the water, poisoning it.

  9. Background Makes dark background for fish Hides tubes, wires and filters

  10. Filter systems? excess food decaying organic matter, free-floating particulates, dangerous chemicals, and the fish's waste products If this waste is not removed, the toxins that the fish are removing from their systems will rapidly build up to high enough concentrations that the fish will poison themselves.

  11. Filter systems? Biological – reduces maintenance & cleaning Bacteria converts toxic waste into less toxic chemicals

  12. Filter systems? 2. Mechanical – maintains water clarity Will catch free floating particles and trap them so that they can be removed

  13. Filter systems? 3. Chemical – removes toxins and chemicals Uses carbon or ammonia to convert toxins or chemicals to harmless

  14. Filter systems? Some are combined into one filter

  15. Air hose from air pump Uplift tubes airstone Undergravel filter Undergravel Filter

  16. As air bubbles bubble up the tube, dirty water is pulled down through the gravel and then the undergravel filter below it. The bacteria on the gravel pick up the waste in the water and clean water is pulled up the tube. Undergravel Filter

  17. 1. Air for ornaments 2. Produce bubbles 3. Undergravel filter needs one 4. Fresh air circulation for some animals 5. Create a water current Used for protein skimmers Bad because they are noisy with bubbling and vibrations Air Pump

  18. Increase surface area Improve circulation Air Pump

  19. Improve circulation Air Stone

  20. Incandescent lights screw in Fluorescent light have prongs Light Fixtures & Lights

  21. Plants or coral Plants Fish 30 feet 1. Light penetration Bulb life expectancy Photoperiod or lighting duration Overall illumination Light Fixtures & Lights

  22. To keep aquarium water warm - or to keep the fish tank from getting below a particular temperature. 75– 150 watts Thermometer Heater/Thermometer

  23. Aquarium powerheads are submersible water pumps that produce a laminar (unidirectional) current Powerhead

  24. Provide important water circulation and oxygenation in the aquarium • More water circulation and filtration = better the water quality • Prevents detritus and other tank matter from settling on the bottom of the tank – they end up in mechanical filter to be filtered out instead Powerhead Importance

  25. Helps to carry oxygen the them, brings food to stationary animals, and stimulates animal activity. • Exercise for fish • Deter the growth of algae Powerhead Importance

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