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Fresh Water

Fresh Water. By: Roxana, Carly and Megan. Resources. http://www.tpwd.state.tc.usllearningljunior_naturalists/pandlife.phtml http://www.watercyclopdia.com/A-Bi/Algal-blooms-in-Fresh-water.Html http://www.bioxpedition.com/Freshwater-biome.Html

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Fresh Water

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  1. Fresh Water By: Roxana, Carly and Megan

  2. Resources • http://www.tpwd.state.tc.usllearningljunior_naturalists/pandlife.phtml • http://www.watercyclopdia.com/A-Bi/Algal-blooms-in-Fresh-water.Html • http://www.bioxpedition.com/Freshwater-biome.Html • Http://myfwc.com/fishing/freshwater/commercial-fishing

  3. Geologic Features • Sediment is found at the bottom of the fresh water biome • The fresh water can remain still or slow moving • 70% of fresh water is used to irrigate crops.

  4. Photosynthetic Organisms -Algae is a type of photosynthetic organism -Only seen through a microscope -Fresh water algae is called Phytoplankton -Found in ponds, lakes, reservoirs and streams -Phytoplankton are the base of the aquatic food chain

  5. Types of Animals • Some freshwater organisms are: tadpole, crayfish, fairy shrimp, copepods, scuds, isopods, clams, snails, seed shrimp, water mites, etc. Tadpole- consumer Crayfish- consumer Fairy shrimp- consumer Clams-consumers Scuds- producer Snails- consumers Copepods-consumers

  6. Human Impact • Pollution of free radicals in the air make it hard for animals to thrive and pants to grow • Due to human water and chemical run off are the biggest problems with fresh water • More people turn to water bottles from fresh water and then empty bottles can be thrown away into the water

  7. Maps of lakes in the US

  8. Commercial value • The commercial value is fresh water would be fisheries • Fishing and boating are just like fisheries • There can also be hunting in Fresh water

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