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Online Marketing by Anthony Hobrow

Online Marketing by Anthony Hobrow. 3 rd PIRA Stakeholders Convention Innovate or Stagnate Makati, Philippines. Online Marketing . Introduction This is a quick run through of the many aspects of marketing that are particular to being on line .

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Online Marketing by Anthony Hobrow

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  1. Online MarketingbyAnthony Hobrow 3rd PIRA Stakeholders Convention Innovate or Stagnate Makati, Philippines

  2. Online Marketing Introduction This is a quick run through of the many aspects of marketing that are particular to being on line. Its not about Insurance and its not about marketing! I am not a guru! I am learning! We have done some things well and made some mistakes. I share some insights from my DirectAsia.com business.

  3. Online Marketing “Marketing is not a battle of products, Its a battle of perceptions” Al Ries and Jack Trout

  4. Online Marketing • Onlinemarketing is all about PULL Not PUSH • Being “sold to” has become unattractive to most consumers. • Shopping should be a positive experience whether in a physical shop or online

  5. Online Marketing Who wants what? • Market segmentation through research • High quality content and easy quick navigation • Engagement through differentiated, interesting entertaining, website • Keep track of your customers and make them WANT to return

  6. Innovation as a Driver 150 billion emails are sent daily More than 1 billion active Facebook users (30 million in Philippines!) 187 million Americans watched 48 billion online content videos in one month this year! 5 billion searches on Google every day

  7. Asia accounts for over 1 billion internet users, 45% of the world’s users but still only 27.5% penetration (Europe and USA is around 70% penetration). The marketing potential is truly awesome. Finding your way to real customers amongst all this traffic is also awesome!

  8. Online Marketing The Components of Online Marketing

  9. Online Marketing • Website • Blogs • Emails • Displays • Pay per Click • Search Engine Optimisation • Conversion Ratio Optimisation • Social Media • Video Marketing • Remarketing

  10. Online Marketing Website

  11. Online Marketing Website “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about it. Word of mouth is very powerful” said Jeff Bezos of Amazon

  12. Online Marketing Intuition is not a reliable source of inspiration Test, Test, Test, Test , Track and Test Colours, positioning, size, calls to action all need testing Multiple versions testing, one thing at a time This is easy online but not easy off-line

  13. Online Marketing • Navigation and Flow • Information gathering (painlessly) • Formatted for desktops, laptops, tablets, Fablets, Smart phones….. • Working in all search engines • Working in all operating systems

  14. Online Marketing Blogs

  15. Online Marketing • Blogs: • create a following and entice visitors back • Generate 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads • Enhance credibility, become a thought leader • Feed other sites and other blogs including media • A virtuous circle of awareness • Improve Google search

  16. Online Marketing Emails

  17. Online Marketing Targeted relevant timely emails Support other advertising and campaignsUse for offers and news, updatesDo NOT bombardTrack responses and therefore ROI

  18. Online Marketing Displays PPC

  19. Online Marketing Display banners on other sites Relevant sites Google paid ads for keywords Pay per click Measure ROI

  20. Online Marketing Search Engine Optimisation

  21. Pandas and Penguins Staying on top of Google algorithms Quality content, earning recognition, social spread, backlinks Ongoing, Integrated, Strategic Being on page one, preferably first 3 on organic search Online Marketing

  22. Online Marketing Conversion Ratio Optimisation

  23. Online Marketing • Customers are on your website • Make them buy! • Test testtesttest • Colours, heatmaps, drop out points, graphics, feedback, entertain, calls to action • The journey

  24. Online Marketing Social Media

  25. Online Marketing • 30 million Facebook users (30% penetration) in Philippines • 18 million Facebook users in Thailand (27% penetration) • 13.5 million Facebook users in Taiwan (57% penetration) • Facebook. Twitter. Google+. LinkedIn. Etc etc • Create relationship between customer and you • Regular posts entice people back to website

  26. Online Marketing • Videos attract more customers • Going viral • Youtube • Remarketing

  27. The brave new world of marketing!No escape!

  28. Online Marketing "Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.“ - John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States Dare to be different!

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