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by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider. STORMBREAKER. Book Talk By Conner Copenhagen. by Anthony Horowitz.

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by Anthony Horowitz

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  1. Alex Rider STORMBREAKER Book Talk By Conner Copenhagen by Anthony Horowitz

  2. “ One car behind him two more ahead. The plane was now in the air, the back wheels lifting off. The guards taking aim. Everything at 70 miles an hour. Alex let go of the steering wheel, grabbed the harpoon gun and fired.”

  3. About the book This book is about a teenage school boy (Alex) who`s uncle mysteriously dies in a car accident. Alex then finds out this is not true he was murdered and a spy. MI6 (the British intelligent`s agency) recruits Alex to finish his uncle`s work and find his killer`s. Genre/Main Characters The genre of this book is Action/Adventure. The main characters are Alex, Alan Blunt, Mrs. Jones, Herod Sayle, Mr. Grin and Nadia Vole

  4. A quick, easy read On a just right scale from1-5 I give it a 2 because it was a good easy read. What attracted me to the book was my cousin who had read the series and recommended the book to me. What I liked and what I didn`t I liked how the book got right to the point. I didn`t like how it gave you a little bit of the next book.

  5. About the author Anthony Horowitz was born in north London April 5, 1955. He knew that he wanted to be a writer at age 8, for birthdays he asked for book`s, pen`s and a typewriter. He graduated from York University. His first book was published when he was only 23. He is now married, has two boys a dog and is still living in London. Other books by Anthony Horowitz Anthony also wrote these books! The Groosham Grange series, Public Enemy Number Two, Mindgame and many more

  6. Who would I recommend this book to? I would recommend this book to people who like James Bond because it`s just like James Bond in a book, only it`s a teenager.

  7. THANK YOU !!!

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