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Anthony Horowitz

By Brendan and Jaden. Anthony Horowitz. Biographical Information.

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Anthony Horowitz

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  1. By Brendan and Jaden Anthony Horowitz

  2. Biographical Information • Anthony Horowitz was born on April 5, 1955. His birthplace was London England and he has a wife and 2 children there names are Nicholas and Cassian .His wife’s name is Lisa. Both of his parents Mark and Lisa are deceased. The schools he attended were the Rugby school and York University and he later on received a Bafta T.V. award. Anthony Horowitz and his family lives in London. He has written over 40 books.

  3. Book List • House of Silk • Scorpia Rising • Crocodile Tears • Snake Head • Ark Angel • Raven’s Gate • The Switch • Point Blank • Three of Diamonds • Evil Star • Death and the Underworld • The French Confection • Skeleton Key • Horowitz Horror • Scorpia • Eagle Strike • Storm Breaker • Russian Roulette • Killer Camera • Night Rise

  4. Storm Breaker • My book is called Storm Breaker. The genre of my book is mystery. The setting is in London,England. The characters are Alex Rider, Jack, Alan Blunt and Mrs. Jones. The first Event in the book is Alex Rider’s uncle, Ian Rider dies in a crash. The second event in the book is Alex Rider Becomes a spy and has to solve a top secret mission to uncover the Storm Breaker secret . The third event in the story is Alex Rider goes to England. The conclusion is he solves the secret mission of the Storm Breakers. The critique is a very great adventurous book

  5. Point Blanc • My book that I read was Point Blanc, by Anthony Horowitz. It is a mystery book. It takes place in present time and the setting is in France. The Characters are Alex Rider, Alan Blunt, Mrs. Jones, and Dr. Grief. The plot is that 2 kid’s dads was killed and they both were 14. Also they went to a school called Point Blanc. Alex Rider disguised himself as Alex Friend and went to investigate the school. Alex discovers that Dr. Grief, the owner of the school was evil. Alex defeated Dr. Grief and rescued the kids at the school. I liked the book because it was very interesting and exiting on what was going to happen next. I really think you should read this book.

  6. Compare and Contrast Same Alex Rider is a spy in both books. Alex Rider has the same interest's and hobbiesin both books. In Point Blanc and Storm Breaker, Alex Rider has no pets. Different Storm Breaker is in London, while PointBlanc is in France. In Storm Breaker the characters are Mrs. Jones, Alan Blunt , Alex Rider and Jack, Whereas the characters in Point Blanc are Alex Rider, Alan Blunt, Mrs. Jones, and Dr. Grief. In Point Blanc Alex Rider is already a spy in Storm Breaker becomes a spy . c

  7. Question 1 • Who was the author of the books that we read?

  8. Answer 1 • The author of the books was Anthony Horowitz.

  9. Question 2 • What was the tittle of book 2?

  10. Answer 2 • The tittle of book two is called Point Blanc.

  11. Question 3 • What is the tittle of book one?

  12. Answer 3 The tittle of book one is Storm Breaker.

  13. Question 4 What is the genre of the books?

  14. Answer 4 The genre of the books are Mystery.

  15. Question 5 Who is the protagonist in both the books?

  16. Answer 5 The protagonist in both books is Alex Rider.

  17. Question 6 Who is the antagonist in book two?

  18. Answer 6 The antagonist in book two is Dr. Grief.

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