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By. Anthony Horowitz

By. Anthony Horowitz. Characters. M16. Alex rider. Friends. Alan blunt- head of special operations Mrs. Jones- Co head of Special Operations John Crawley- Was johns spy partner Smithers- Gadget man Miss Pickering- Assistant to Smithers William Dearly- Mrs Jones's PA Lloyd- Agent

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By. Anthony Horowitz

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  1. By. Anthony Horowitz

  2. Characters

  3. M16 Alex rider Friends • Alan blunt- head of special operations • Mrs. Jones- Co head of Special Operations • John Crawley- Was johns spy partner • Smithers- Gadget man • Miss Pickering- Assistant to Smithers • William Dearly- Mrs Jones's PA • Lloyd- Agent • Ramirez- Agent • Winters- Agent • Burns- Agent • Sabina Pleasure- Stays at her house • Jack Starbright- his housekeeper/friend • Other/Villains • Herod Sayle- Inventor of the Stombreaker • Yassen Gregorovich- Partner of Herod (supplies the virus for the computer) • Nadia Vole- Herod’s assistant • The Prime Minister- A target of Herod • Family • Ian Rider- Alex’s uncle • John Rider- Alex’s father • Helen Rider- Alex’s mother

  4. Alex Rider Alex Rider is a 14 year old American born boy with thick blond hair that that came down to his serious brown eyes. His parents were killed in a so called “plane crash” when they were going on a vacation. He then moved to London and was raised by his uncle Ian Rider until he died in a so called “car crash” when Alex was 14. Growing up Ian had made sure that Alex had become fluent in French, German, English and Spanish. He is also able to speak a few phrases in Italian. Ian had Alex take karate and he earned his black belt. Since Alex did not have to many close friends he spent lots of time biking and swimming which has helped keep Alex in great physic. Growing up Alex attended private schools and was generally at the top of his class. Though at the time Alex wasn’t aware that he was being prepared to take over his uncles position his uncle had been planning it all along.

  5. Ian Rider • Ian is the uncle of Alex and is a head spy at M16. He is thin with fair hair and in his mid 30’s. He is Always travelling; quiet and private, likes good wine, classical music and books. He has no friends but had kept himself very fit, never smoked, and dressed expensively. His M16 cover was that he was the overseas finance manager for the Royal & General Bank. His office at MI6 was on fifteenth floor, room 1504. He successfully completed missions in Iran, Washington, Hong Kong and Cairo, among others. But soon after returning home from a mission he died in a mysterious car crash.

  6. Herod Sayle • Herod was born in Egypt as one of 13 children. His father was a failed hairdresser and his mother took in washing. One day, he saved two wealthy British tourists, who adopted him and sent him to a private school in England. He was severely bullied there. The primary bully was the future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Growing up, he grew to hate the British school children. His schooling did help him to become a multi-millionaire, but he keep a grudge against all the people who had bullied him throughout his childhood. So using all of his knowledge he invented a revolutionary computer. He would give one computer to every school in Britain and they would all be turned on by the Prime Minister. Since he had kept such a grudge he put a genetically modified form of smallpox's into the computer that would kill all the kids in the schools when he the Prime Minster turned it on.

  7. I chose the Alex Pettyfer to play Alex rider. He is the actor for Alex in the movie and plays him really well. Him and Alex have a very close physical stature, and Alex Pettyfer even has an authentic British accent. I also kept Mickey Rourke because he has a good record of being able to play cheap, Conniving con man. He also really looks the part because of his hair and stature. Stormbreaker casting call. I chose Clint Eastwood as the Alan Blunt because he is around the same age as Alan. I also think he could play the role easily because he can be a serious and mysterious man.

  8. Conflict The main point of the mission was to keep the Stormbreaker from being turned on. Alex had keep up with M16 while on his mission and they new that something about the computer were going to infected the land, but they didn’t know how or with what. When it was time for the computer to be turned on M16 had not heard from Alex in a few days. Knowing there was something wrong with the computers M16 should have used there government power to postpone the activation of the computer, and then take a look at the computers to make sure there was nothing wrong with them. If they would have done this Alex would not of had to shoot the Prime Minster’s hand. They could have just disposed of all the computers and put Herod under arrest, but that would not be very exciting.

  9. Title choice. The Title Stormbreaker fits the storey very well. The Stormbreaker is the the main point of the story. That is what Alex goes on the mission for, and without it there would have been no story. Alex would still be a kid Ian would not have died and Herod would still be a billionaire.

  10. Climax The climax of the story comes near the very end of the book. Alex is trapped on the top of a building with Herod. He has a gun on Alex and there's no where to run. Just when Alex thinks there is no hope Yassen Gregorovich, one of Herod’s partners, comes out of no where and shoots Herod. He then tell Alex that he killed him because he was loosing money. If he would have not have been greedy them Alex would have surely died.

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