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Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz. By Zach and Savanna. Anthony's life.

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Anthony Horowitz

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  1. Anthony Horowitz By Zach and Savanna

  2. Anthony's life Anthony Horowitz was born in April 5, 1955 in North London. He’s mum’s name was Gayle Horowitz and his dads name was Mark Horowitz. His wife's name was Jill Green and their kids names are Nicholas and Cassin Horowitz. He attended the BBC collage in New York City. He as been awarded many awards one example like the red house children's book award. He lives in England, and to rap up his amazing life his past time when he was a kid was to play rugby.

  3. The house of silk • Scorpia rising • Crocodile Tears • Necropolis • Snakehead • Raven’s Gate • Nightrise • Eagle Strike • Ark Angel • Horowitz Horror • Evil Star • Scorpia • Point Blank • Skeleton Key • Stormbreaker • Russian Roulette • Oblivion • Three of Diamonds • The Falcons Mattzse • The complete Horowitz Horror 20 books Anthony Horowitz wrote.

  4. Point Blank The genre of point blank is mystery and realistic fiction. The setting of point blank is north London. The main characters are Alex rider, “the gentlemen”, Michael J roscoe, Skoda, and “the boss”. The plot of point blank is at the beginning Michael is killed by the gentlemen a mass murderer and in the middle Alex rider has to find out who killed Michael by going to a different school were Michael's son is at the end he go's to the funeral and never finds out who killed him. I loved this book because it has lots of sapience and action.

  5. Scorpia The genre of Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz was adventure and mystery because Alex Rider was a spy. The setting in Scorpia was Naples, London. The characters in Scorpia are Alex Rider, Nile, Julia Rothman, Alan Blunt, and Mrs.Jones. What happened was Alex Rider a spy always was told his parents were dead then he met Scorpia. Scorpia showed him a video that his father got shot in the back so he didn’t trust m16 anymore. After he found out what Scorpia was planning he tried to stop them. After it was all over Alex thought he was free… A little time later one of Scorpia shot Alex and at last he saw his parents. I would recommend this book to the class because it is very interesting.

  6. Different In Point Blank Alex stays in m16 however in Scorpia he switches sides. In Point Blank Alex Rider’s parents are dead, however in Scorpia his parents are alive in the end. In Point Blank he lives his uncle on the contrary in Scorpia he lives with Jack Same • Both Scorpia and Point Blank have Alex Rider in them. • Alex Rider is 14 in both Point Blank and Scorpia. • Like Point Blank, in Scorpia Alex Rider is a spy. Compare and contrast


  8. Where does Alex Rider live in the book Point Blank 1st question of the day

  9. The answer is London Nice job if you got that right

  10. 2nd question Who is the main character in the book Point Blank

  11. The answer is Alex Rider

  12. Who is the main criminal for the book Point Blank 3rd question

  13. The answer is “the gentlemen”

  14. 4th question What is both books name

  15. The answer is point blank and Srcopia

  16. 5th question What spy company did Alex rider work in the book point blank?

  17. The answer is m16

  18. 6th question How old is he?

  19. The answer is 14 years old

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