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What Size Cheetah Would You Like? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Size Cheetah Would You Like?

What Size Cheetah Would You Like?

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What Size Cheetah Would You Like?

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  1. What Size Cheetah Would You Like? Kayce Russell

  2. Background Information • The World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading conservation organization. They seek to protect Earth and its life. Their goal is to be the voice of the creatures who do not have one. They developed this ad to be the voice for cheetahs as they are killed for use of their fur in clothing products.

  3. Intent • What was the main purpose of this ad by WWF? • This ad was meant to call attention to the issue of killing animals for the use of their fur in clothing products. It depicts the live cheetahs as the clothes that we are going to buy and basically asks us what size of cheetah we would like to kill.

  4. Audience • So who is the main audience that this ad is directed toward? • This ad is directed mainly toward the fashion lovers who buy products that are made from real animal fur. It could also be aimed at the animal lovers and encourage them to help put an end to the use of real animal fur in clothing products.

  5. The focal point of this picture is obviously the two cheetahs, but more specifically the size tags on their backs. This literally puts a target on them saying these animals will be murdered for humans’ clothing. It makes us realize that when we see or buy a product that is made from real animal fur that a live animal was killed just for you to wear a fashionable jacket that could have been avoided. Focus • What is the focal point of this picture? Why?

  6. Technique • How would the meaning of the photo change if the size tags were taken away? • If the size tags were taken away the photo would no longer be about the killing of animals for fur but would just be a picture of two cheetahs.

  7. Technique • What was the purpose of using a picture of cheetahs in their natural habitat in the wild? • By keeping the cheetahs in their natural habitat we see that this happens to innocent animals. In a way it says what did they ever do to us?

  8. Technique • Why is the background of this picture slightly blurred compared to the cheetahs? • The background is blurred because the cheetahs are meant to be the center of attention and focus to get the point across.

  9. Logos • The logical appeal is our knowledge of modern day fashion and we know that this is a common thing to see a coat or other clothing piece to be made of real animal fur. When we see the sizes we automatically know what it is depicting because we all shop and know what a S and XL means. • What is the logical appeal in this ad?

  10. Ethos • What makes this ad credible? • The world wildlife fund in the top right corner of this add ensures its credibility. The WWF is a well-known fund and its logo make this photo reliable.

  11. Pathos • This ad makes us feel sorry for the animals that are killed for their fur. Cheetahs are not the only ones that fall victim to this inhumane crime but just one of the examples. It makes us want to help stop this crime, especially animal lovers. • How does this add appeal to our emotions?

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