marriage in afghanistan n.
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Marriage in Afghanistan PowerPoint Presentation
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Marriage in Afghanistan

Marriage in Afghanistan

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Marriage in Afghanistan

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  1. Marriage in Afghanistan By, Isabella Walker

  2. Laws that control Afghan marriage • Any woman who is ten years or younger can be engaged, but the woman has to be sixteen years old to actually get married. • Afghan woman can only marry Muslim men but, Muslim men can marry anyone.

  3. Choosing the groom • The groom is either chosen by the brides parents or the bride can find a suitable groom by his looks, educational background, ability to support his wife, etc.

  4. The Proposal • To propose the soon-to-be groom sends an elderly relative and a proposal to the brides house to see if she (and her father) accept.

  5. The Ceremony • The ceremony normally takes place at 6pm and ends at 11pm. • At the door stand a line of women on the right and a line of men on the left. • The bride and grooms family’s would seat the guest as they arrive. • The guest are supposed to wear the nicest and most expensive clothing and jewelry.

  6. The Ceremony (cont.) Nikah • The bride and groom are separated into rooms where the bride is presented by her father (or close male relative) and the groom has to accept the terms of marriage. When they meet, the bride is asked three times if she accepts the marriage. If they both agree, they are placed under a decorative shawl to read a part of the Quran together as husband and wife.

  7. The Ceremony (cont) Henna • Long ago, the bride and groom would have little cuts in their palms and join hands so they could be joined by blood. Nowadays they place henna on their hands covered by a cloth (for health reasons).

  8. The Ceremony (cont.) Meal • When the dancing is over everyone joins for dinner in a line at the buffet. They have a unique variety of Afghan foods such as rice, kabobs, and bread. For dessert they usually offer firnee, rice pudding and baklava. Soon after the bride and groom cut their three tier cake.

  9. The Ceremony (cont.) Attan • Attan is the national dance of Afghanistan. It is a circular dance and is performed at the end of the wedding.

  10. Family • The brides father must meet with the soon-to-be groom so he can approve him to be with his daughter.

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